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Quantitative research involves numeric and observation manipulation with the aim of describing the phenomena that those particular interpretations demonstrate. This type of research is meant to collect digital data in a certain situation which is analyzed using mathematical methods to explain a certain phenomenon. The study under discussion focuses on social reality measurement as well as considers quantities and numerical data. The following research paper seeks to investigate and analyze a quantitative research report on the Evaluation of the Six Month Offer done by the Department of Work and Pension to determine its research design, key terms, and selection strategy.

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Evaluation of the Six Month Offer is a report on the findings of quantitative research done by the IFF Research Limited, which is based in London, on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions. The study describes the results obtained from the survey involving various clients to reflect on their experiences related to the four voluntary activities. It presents the information gathered from a survey carried out among customers and asking if they had reached the six months of claiming since they were eligible for the six-month offer.

Jobcentre Plus Advisers consulted all the customers that were unemployed for six months and provided a proper support and encouragement which was their duty in relation to the all customers until they find a job or their unemployment status proceeds to twelve months (Adams, Godwin, Taylor, & Oldfield, 2010). The implicit purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the six-month program checking if it helped to increase the number of employment opportunities and ensure that the people get recruited. The institution may have had an influence on both the explicit and implicit purpose of this study by offering information to people when collecting data for the study. In fact, it would influence customers of the Jobseekers Allowance in volunteering for the training and recruitment in this project.

Research Design

In the report, it is said that the survey research had a non-experimental design. Customer survey done was eligible only for those clients who had entered the third stage of Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal. The sample of the study was gotten from the group of customers according to the chosen approach of sampling. By doing this, the survey provided a numeric description of the opinions and trends among the population analyzing the sample of the chosen customers. The study involved interviewing the customers selected for the sample through telephone interviews and conducting certain fieldwork to test the structure of the questionnaires.

Using this research design may have some limitations that would hinder the accuracy of the information given by the sample. The customers of the Jobseekers Allowance may not feel encouraged and motivated to provide the honest and accurate answers that the organization is looking for. In addition, another problem would arise if the questions that are being used in the survey are close-ended and have a low validity rate. There can also be errors in the data collected from respondent customers, and unclear information could arise due to the different interpretation of the questions by different customers.

Selection Strategy

The selection strategy used in this study is probability sampling, more specifically, stratified sampling. This is a sampling method that selects random participants; this process ensures that the different groups of customers have equal chances of being selected. More specific proportional random sampling implies the division of the customer population into subgroups and then taking a small random sample from each one. It enabled the organization to represent the whole population of the customers and make sure they were all involved in the sampling process to increase the probability of achieving accurate results.

This type of strategy, however, can only be used in various studies, and there have to be several conditions that should be met for this method to be effective. In particular, the organization must identify every customer of the Jobseekers Regime and Flexible New Deal, study them, and classify into subgroups. Another challenge is to sort out each client into one stratum very accurately. In groups that are clearly defined, it is very easy to classify the customers, but it is hard if the groups are not clearly defined considering such factor as, for example, race.

The Key Terms

Many terms that are related to the quantitative research have been used in this report and operationalized in various ways. They include such key terms as survey, sample, quantitative research, population, interviews, data, and others. The scope of the report reflects on the findings from the customer surveys which give the data from the quantitative research involving it into the process study. The survey on the customers is done by the organization through selecting random individuals from certain groups using the chosen strategy to derive information which conceptualizes the term sample in the report. In the surveys carried out, a few interviews were done before the main fieldwork survey to test the structure of the questionnaires (Adams, Godwin, Taylor & Oldfield, 2010). This shows how the term survey was operationalized in the study to get the data needed.

Telephone interviews were done even on weekends, which conceptualizes the term interview in the report. The interviews were conducted from a telephone interviewing center which is on-site and computer-assisted from the organization. The interview technique of data collection is sometimes vulnerable to interview bias. It is time-consuming and, in some cases, can be expensive. Some questions asked might seem to intrude into the customers personal lives; this could affect their reliability and the validity of the information given.

Research Implementation

The research data was collected through interviews, observation, and questionnaires. Over three thousand interviews in phase one combined with about the same quantity in phase two achieved an aggregate of over six thousand interviews (Adams, Godwin, Taylor, & Oldfield, 2010). The rate of response to these interviews was around 80% in relation to the total amount of respondents picked for the survey. Telephone interviews were also conducted using special facilities provided by the company doing the survey (Adams, Godwin, Taylor, & Oldfield, 2010). The problem with the implementation of this research is that it would take much time to code the data attained from the customers during the interviews and analyze it to come up with the relevant conclusion. Another issue was a lack of reaction from the respondents or physical response portrayed towards certain questions that would help explain how the customers felt. It was difficult to ensure that the customers understood all questions through the telephone.

In the study, the advisory support offered by Jobcentre Plus was mandatory for their customers who were unemployed for the six-month period. The voluntary services were under the six-month offer available to the customers at the discretion of the advisor (Adams, Godwin, Taylor, & Oldfield, 2010). It shows that the discussed research was confidential and that the advisor could not make the information about the customers who participated in the survey public. The advisors obligation to maintain confidentiality in relation to the customers questioned points out to the ethical considerations that were took into account in this study. Some of the other ethical issues include asking permission from the customers by the interviewer to use the data recorded during the interview for the survey purposes. There is a clear laying out and elaboration of procedures of the interview to guarantee customer safety in interview locations.


In conclusion, this study has been very reliable in giving out the information about the customer opinions concerning the activity of the strand since it was started. The findings of the research show that there was an effective communication on the issues faced by the customers who were in their six-month claim. It, however, shows that the customers who were initially hesitant to participate were not persuaded to do so . There also appeared to be some discrepancies between the intention of the customers to participate in the strands and the demand since it required rather high qualification to join the volunteering and training processes.

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