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Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism

September 12th, 2019
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The reviewed book Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism was written by Jules Tygiel. The writer was born on March 9, 1949 in Brooklyn, NY, and died on July 1, 2008. Tygiel was a professor of history teaching at University of Can Francisco. Besides the analyzed work, he wrote several famous books about baseball, the most popular of which are: Baseball’s Great Experiment: Jackie Robinson and His Legacy (1983), and Past Time: Baseball as History (2000). Writing the books, Jules Tygiel tried to find the connection between baseball events and the history, as his books remained a classic in historical science in general. Apart from the baseball investigations, Tygiel wrote about California and the most significant events in its history. Thus, the writer had different scientific studies, and all of them were popular and sought-after. His books are connected with the aim to make a historical overview of various interesting events.

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The main target audience of this book is college students. The work describes the Ronald Reagan’s life in details, as well as provides a large amount of information and facts about his life from the childhood till death. This book is quite easy to read, and it does not contain word structures or artistic tools difficult for the perception. If to add that this history of Ronald Reagan’s life is not too large, it fully covers the topic and supplements the facts with sufficient arguments. Thus, this book is perfect for college study. As for common readers, it should be stated that it is not the imaginative literature as well as it does not contain storyline and intrigue. Consequently, it is not breathtakingly to read, thence, it can be informative only for those, who are interested in American history.

The main topics of this scientific work are the Ronald Reagan’s life, his path to the presidency, personality formation, analysis of his thoughts and political policy, as well as explanation why he is considered as one of the most successful presidents of the United States of America. After reading this book, it is necessary to mention its significant feature which lies in the fact that the author’s narration begins with the Reagan’s childhood and moves through all his life till death. Thus, in order to find the information concerning his presidency, it is necessary to read at least a half of the book (Schaller, 2012). This scientific study is not suitable for those who only want to be aware of Ronald Reagan’s presidential activities, and who is not interested in the facts of his life.

The book Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism is the Ronald Reagan’s biography. It is the story about man who started actor’s career and succeeded in it being popular in the Hollywood. Though, after that, he changed his direction and became the talented politician managed to become the President of the United States of America twice. The story begins with the overview of Ronald’s childhood, and the difficulties, which happened during the infancy. The author described his father’s alcohol abuse and its implications. Then, Jules Tygiel moved to Reagan’s education and career that, initially, was not connected with politics. After that, the author analyzed the formation of future president’s political thoughts and provided the description of Reagan’s conservative ideas development. After the overview of the presidential election and Reagan’s victory, the historian evaluated all his accomplishments and failures, and presented the facts concerning the consequences of Ronald Reagan’s conservative policy on the further development of American politics, even after his death.

The substantial characteristic of this book is that the author did not use the primary sources and built his scientific research on the secondary literature. Jules Tygiel conducted a study based on numerous thoughts concerning Reagan’s life and his political views, as well as provided the penetrating observations concerning the collected data by different scientists (Schaller, 2012). This book is smaller than similar researches concerning the chosen subject, but there is the strong need to emphasize that the Tygiel has provided enough information about Donald Reagan, thus, the comparatively small size of the book can be considered as its positive feature.

To my view, the author provided the strong argumentation of his thesis concerning the high significance of Reagan’s political action and achievements. Moreover, this study describes not only the President’s accomplishments, but also provides the analysis of his faults. This fact proves that during the research, the scientists evaluated all data concerning this topic, subsequently, his assumptions and conclusions are grounded and cogent. Additionally, the book is not overflowing by different arguments and establishes the strong and understandable opinion regarding the Reagan’s influence on the American politics.

After reading the book Ronald Reagan and the Triumph of American Conservatism it should be stated that it is informative only for those, who are interested in American history and has the aim to acquire knowledge not only concerning the Reagan’s presidential activities, but also regarding his life path (Schaller, 2012). This book can also be interesting for students. As for historians and other scholars, the Jules Tygiel’s work is not informative because it did not provide the original research but only established the observations on the subject.

Having evaluated the scientific and practical significance of this book, it should be stated that the title of the article is entirely consistent with the contents thereto; the researchers have profoundly and methodically explored the research issues and applied all empirical and theoretical evidence correctly and logically. Although the connection between the ideas and the evidences appears to be questioned, the conclusions are relatively logical, and only further exploration of the research questions may help to identify the alleged flaws of the study. Finally, this book did not change my view concerning the importance of this political figure in American history, because the main work’s contribution is to give the appropriate flow of facts regarding this subject, and to improve the readers’ intellectual level by acquiring new interesting information.

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