Top 8 Bucket List Ideas for Summer

June 17th, 2016

Summer is coming soon and we need to keep our children busy and energized. Since last year the summer bucket list was of great help and worked out well, we present 8 new amazing ideas that will make children’s holidays active and unforgettable.

Summer to Do List Ideas


Make a homemade ice cream

Forget about buying ice cream! It definitely can’t be better than homemade delicious dessert. Choose any ingredients and have fun together with your kids creating an ice masterpiece.


Read a good book

Devote some time every day to indulge in the world of fairytale, fantasy or science. Let the children opt for the desired book and help them with reading if needed.


Go star gazing

There is no need to go to the planetarium when the sky is so stellar in summer. Spend your nighttime outside explaining different constellations to your children making them curious about diverse creatures.


Organize a treasure hunt in the house

Your children don’t know yet how many secrets your house hides. Let them unriddle all your tasks to receive a long-awaited prize.


    Let kids cook dinner

    Go and rest while your kids will cook a scrumptious dish you have never tasted before. Let them work alone because they don’t want you to spoil the surprise!


    Visit a strawberry farm

    It’s time to show your children a real paradise. Yes, a strawberry farm is a place where you will enjoy fresh, ecological, super yummy berries and get informed about the whole strawberry growing process.


    Have a water balloon fight

    Are you ready for real summer pleasure? We think you are, especially when it is super-hot outside. Organize such a colorful event and turn into children yourself fighting against all the opponents.


    Have a family game night

    Make a list of fascinating games you would like to play. Don’t forget to create a funny and easy-going atmosphere where your kids would show their best performance.



    How do you like these summer ideas? Are you already printing them out to introduce to your kids? Right, because this summer to do list ideas will not only make your relationship with children warmer but will also entertain them and develop their creativity.

    So, hurry up and prepare these summer ideas! You can also use ideas and suggestions from the previous year to extend your list and make your children happier. Have fun!

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