Looking for a Job after Graduation

July 29th, 2016

For a job after graduationWhen we decide to enter a university, we analyze what subjects we prefer and what job could bring us satisfaction. Interestingly, graduates of different specialities face different unemployment rates which will be discussed in this article.

Quick look at statistics on recently graduated

Individuals who recently graduated from college majoring in health and education faced much lower unemployment rates than the ones majoring in architecture and the arts amounting to 5,7% and 12,8% respectively. Moreover, the report from the Georgetown University Centre on Education and the Workforce reveals that the speciality one opts for will actually affect the amount of revenue one will make. Comparing the average income of experienced workers with an undergraduate architecture degree to the ones obtaining education degree, the sums are $65,000 and $44,000 respectively. That’s why emphasis should be put on the importance of choosing the right major rather than long deciding on the studying place.

What major to choose?

            Undoubtedly, majoring in the areas that will teach you some particular skills such as nursing sounds like a great idea. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one should apply for practical programs because later it may turn out that the “practical speciality” brings no job satisfaction. Under these circumstances a person will not work effectively.

            Many people choose to major in so-called ‘hot field’ but they often encounter employment problems. For instance, according to the recent researches, graduates who applied for information systems faced 14,7% unemployment rate, which caused the whole unemployment rate for computer and mathematics specialities to increase to 9,1%, although those areas significantly demand good employees. In fact, tough job market for clerical and entry-level management positions embracing computer systems that were badly affected during the period of recession and early recovery influenced the results. However, more experienced graduates in information system faced lower unemployment rate, only 4,4%.

            Furthermore, if one decides to major in English literature or archeology, one has to look for diverse training opportunities. Also, many people will actually change their speciality into a more skill-oriented one. Moreover, recently graduated with diplomas in English literature and language faced 9,8% unemployment rate with the average income of $31,000.

            However, it doesn’t mean a person has to ignore college. According to the statistics of last three months of 2011, the individuals with college education earned twice as much as high school degree holders.


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