5 Tips to Make a Study Plan

September 2nd, 2016

Finals season is essential for studying process. It is the time when you have to do your beststudent to pass exams with flying colors. However, you will definitely encounter a number of obstacles, one of which is time management. A good way to overcome this challenge is to develop a study plan. The following invaluable pieces of advice will help you do it. So, prepare some blank sheets of paper and pencils.  

How to Study for Tests

Studying for exams is a tedious process, but the following pieces of college advice will make it easier.

  1. Draw up a list of the forthcoming exams. Keep in mind to leave some space between the exams in case you need to add some information. It is also a good option to use pens of various colors to list the exams from the most complicated to the easiest one.
  2. Divide material into logical chapters. This method will help you to comprehend information effectively. For instance, if you have a history exam, you may divide all the data by historical periods or particular topics. Do not forget to mark the information blocks according to its complexity rating the chapters from one to ten.
  3. Divide your chapters by days. Before studying for an exam, take note of the remaining days which you have to use for your preparation. For example, if you have four days, you are supposed to divide your chapters per this number of days. That will keep you organized and concentrated.
  4. The arrangement of your chapters belongs to the most useful college advice. After creating the order of each exam and applying your difficulty ratings, you have an opportunity to work with those topics that seem obscure to you. Moreover, you have enough time to consult your professor and clarify ambiguous things.
  5. Add your study plan to a calendar. The last step to be prepared for exams is jotting down the dates of the test on a calendar. You may circle a corresponding day or highlight it using bright colors. It assists in time management and helps balance the workload.

Therefore, creating a good study plan should be your first step while studying for exams if you want to both pass your finals and save time.

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