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The world of business is full of unpredictable situations. The history proves that there are many occurrences, which resulted in deaths of hundreds of innocent lives. The current discussion is a reflection of the analysis of several videos dedicated to business mistakes, which led to tragic results. It is obvious that there is a need to pay attention to the topic that caused grave consequences, having ruined many families and taken away the lives of the dedicated employees. Moreover, it is a fact that there is a need to change an approach towards the business regulations to promote human safety in the workplace.

Ethical Concerns

Every video has a raise various concerns. Both videos discuss the Triangle Fire, which took place on March 25 1911and relate to the business ethics (CBS News). According to the events of the past, business environment was not regulated by any institutions or organizations that would execute control over the aspects of ethical performance of the enterprises. From the contemporary point of view, it is possible to conclude and look at the mistakes made by the employers, which consequently led to the tragedy. Employees could not save themselves as long there was no escape from the fire, which started to spread inside of the building since managers locked one of the exits to prevent employees from taking breaks and stealing materials. Today, such decision would be considered a serious violation because of the careless attitude towards employees’ safety. The biggest industrial tragedy in the history of New York City proved that employers of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company did not take care of the employees’ safety in case of emergency. Ugly truth about the company’s performance came out as soon as the tragedy occurred. It is ethically inappropriate as well as illegal to lock any exits from the factory to force employees to work more. In addition, the story showed that many children worked in the factory, which is another ethical violation. It is unethical to hire children and treat them as adults.

The main idea of the video about Walmart is that the company has an aggressive approach towards its development. Every region where the company builds a store suffers from the company’s negative influence. Small businesses cannot survive the competition with a global leader like Walmart. As a result, a devastation of the local economy becomes the main peculiarity of the company’s successful integration in the selected area (TestTube News). In addition, the company strives to spread its performance in both developed and less developed countries. When the company spreads its activity in less developed countries, it exploits the nation by offering its citizens extremely low wages (Cinedigm). For example, the story shows that in 2010, in Bangladesh, people started demanding to increase their wages from 25 cents per hour to 35 cents per hour (Steelworkers). As a result, policemen started beating people, and they had nothing to do, but accept the sad reality. In addition, a factory producing clothes in Bangladesh also faced the same situation as people in NYC in 1911. The fire blocked one of the exits while the managers locked another one. It is a history repeating, which proves that people did not learn much from the sad experience, and, despite the proclaimed development of social, legal, as well as ethical standards, many people are abused and improperly treated by the employers.

Personal Perception

From the personal perspective, it is possible to emphasize that the videos contain terrifying reflections of the past. The stories prove that it is impossible to guarantee that every employee is protected from unethical behavior of the employer. In addition, even the contemporary world still has too much cruelty, which harms the business segment. People work in terrible conditions and cannot dare to require an increase in their wages. Such cruelty in some companies proves that the world has to pay a too high price for low-cost department stores. As a result, people all over the world suffer from injustice at the workplace. It is obvious that there is a need to take action and protect the rights of future generations, which are about to come to the world. Otherwise, it is possible to expect history repeating with locked escapes and inability to leave the workplace in case of emergency. In addition, it is necessary to enhance the quality control procedures to promote safety at the workplace. In my opinion, people do not have enough reliability for each other’s lives and safety. However, every business entity should have a responsible approach towards life and safety of its employees. The stories prove that the world still has a long way to go to understand the lessons learned from the past. There is hope that everyone who watches the videos becomes responsible for reducing social injustice and damage from unreliable business owners.

Ramifications in Business

As for the ramifications of business, there are many opportunities in the perspective of finishing cruelty in business. Employees need to create unions supporting every worker regardless of the area of the company’s specialization. Such unions should be a part of every business entity and help employees ensure that the company has appropriate working conditions and treats every employee according to the existing laws. One of the videos proposes to pass the law that would regulate the level of wages depending on the company’s income. It is a fair approach towards attaining the balance between income of the company’s owners and their subordinates. In this way, it will be possible to satisfy the needs of every employee without facing boycotts and social anger. The contemporary businesses have to change their approach towards the safety measures and rights of every employee to safe workplace conditions. From the point of view of the potential business owner, it is possible to emphasize that there is a need to create a new approach towards business development. Employees should gain a status of the primary source of the company’s success. Employers should value their employees as a remarkable engine of the company’s strategic plan’ implementation. New laws and regulations should cover both employee’s safety and appropriate level of the salaries. In this way, every business will have a team of thankful employees working in a safe working environment and providing the best level of work.


The paper attempted to discuss the assigned videos and reveal the truth about the careless performance of the contemporary global companies. The consequences of such performance are unbearable and too tragic not to learn the lesson. However, there is a hope that the world will understand the mistakes of the past, and the contemporary businesses will successfully take appropriate decisions to protect their employees. It is a mandatory step in building a safe environment for future generations willing to live in comfort and safety. In general, the discussion proves that there is a long way to create a balance between the company’s aspirations and employee’s wellbeing.

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