What to do if You Wrote Too Boring Text

January 4th, 2016
What to do if You Wrote Too Boring Text

What to do if You Wrote Too Boring Text

There is no such a person in the whole world that never made a mistake. We all make big time mistakes and some insignificant wrong choices. That is
a part of who we are and how we live in this fallen world. Nevertheless, we always have a choice what to do when we do something wrong. We either ignore it, justify own mistakes or go back to correct things we can correct. Obviously, the third option is least popular since it assumes facing your own mistakes and working on things you can re-do. And as we all know it requires time, efforts, and sometimes money. As a result we often feel like the first two options are way more reasonable for us. However, there are people who have no choice – if authors realize that the text they have written is too boring they can do nothing but re-do it. This is true not only for famous authors like J.K. Rowling, Dan Brown or Paula Hawkins. It also works for those who are in the business of writing texts, essays, articles, etc…

Too Boring? It Doesn’t Have To Be…

First of all, who defines whether your writing is too boring? Some people say that only those who know how to write good texts themselves can be the judges. Others suggest that readers are to be those who can evaluate the text. There are also some people who believe that it all comes down to an author – if he or she considers the written text boring then so it is. We agree that is all starts from the writer – if the author doesn’t like what he/she has written it is worth taking time to revise it accordingly.

It all usually starts with a boring title or headline. If you want to learn something about how to write good texts you should know that developing catchy titles and headers is extremely important for overall success. Titles and headers can draw the attention of readers even before they start reading what you have written. Successfully chosen titles can even make readers think about your article or blog all day or week… After that no one will ever dare to say your article was boring.

A picture is another thing everybody pays attention to even before reading your piece of writing. Many fail to realize that a photo is a part of the article, not the separate element of it. It should be relevant to whatever you write about; otherwise it makes no sense to even add a picture at all. If you post an inappropriate or irrelevant picture your text might not even get read. Who wants to start doing something when it doesn’t look like an interesting thing?

Even if you do well on the first two points only (choosing a catchy headlines and a great picture) your text will not be that boring anymore. But there is certainly more you could do to make sure your readers don’t fall asleep while reading your article, blog or dissertation. For example, you can rid of the habit of using business babble in your text. You may be writing interesting sentences but because it is really hard to understand what you are saying it can be very boring. Most people would agree that writing interesting sentences means creating a content that would be interesting for readers. So why wouldn’t all bloggers, for example, write like they actually speak. It is all about readers and how easy it is for them to understand what you are saying.

Even if you speak your natural language you have to give some kind of mental breaks to your readers. That means that your content should look easy to read. Sometimes it is very boring to read an article because it isn’t broken up into smaller chunks of texts which are easier to digest. Good formatting skills can sometimes cover up boring content or at least make it easier for readers. It is basically a question whether you have your text structured in blocks of information. And at first, people don’t understand how in the world it helps to answer the question about how to write good texts. But the matter of the fact is that well-structured material can hardly be boring ever.

There is one last advice that can save pretty much any boring text. If you have a good sense of humor then show it in the article. Infusing a humorous tone throughout your text will certainly add life to what may seem like a boring subject. People often ask about how to be interesting in text. Well, sometimes it is the same as to be a little bit humorous. Besides, you will see that it is so much easier for you to write or revise the article too when using humor… One has to be careful though: it is not always acceptable to have your sense of humor reflected in the text. There are some writing assignments the required style for which strictly prohibits such a literary device.

So if you think you wrote too boring text you know there is something you can do about it. Following the aforementioned recommendations will help you keep your readers as well as make you a better writer. Of course, there are many more things to learn about writing texts but even if one starts from these simple tips we are confident that it would be a decent beginning.