What is Postcrossing. 5 Reasons why it can Interests You

April 1st, 2016

earthHave you ever heard of the term “postcrossing”? If not yet, you have a unique chance to not only get familiar with the concept of postcrossing, but also become a member of this interesting activity! It is not the boring task! It is a new way to make friends all over the world! So, what is postcrossing?
The idea of postcrossing was born in 2005 by the Portuguese citizen Paulo Magalhães, who started this online project as a hobby. According to the initial idea of the author, each member of the postcrossing blog has a possibility to get the address of the other member and send him a postcard. Once the mail is received and filled in the system, the sender is eligible to receive the postcards from five other members. First started as an individual hobby, the activity has gained popularity, and more and more people from different countries signed for the postcrossing blog. During the first three years of the project, the number of exchanged postcards reached one million. Since that time, the popularity of the postcrossing activity grew rapidly at a high pace and in 2009 the number of sent cards reached two millions. Right now, the project gained momentum and one million postcards are registered in two months. Most of the mails go to the United States of America, Russian Federation, China, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Taiwan, Netherlands etc. There is a special website, where the users can sign in for the project. If you are interested in joining the club, go to this link https://www.postcrossing.com/. The registration at the website is absolutely free, however the expenses that occur when sending original postcard (the cost of a postcard and the services of the international mail) are beard by the users. So, now, when you know what is postcrossing, you may be interested in the advantages of this idea.

5 reasons why postcrossing is an interesting and useful thing!

    1. By becoming a member of the postcrossing community, you have a superior
      possibility to make friends all over the world! You will never know where you will have to send the postcard in advance, and you cannot imagine, where the postcard for you comes from! However, once you receive the piece of one’s heart, you may feel his or her energy and make friends. People are wonderful, people are interesting and unique. So, you have a chance to communicate with the people that are connected with you by the nets of the faith. It is not a joke! Of course, the addresses of people are chosen by the machine. However, you may evaluate the content of the postcard, find out the name of the person whose postcard you like, and make friends through Facebook, LinkedIn or other social networks.
    2. Postcrossing leaves a room for the feeling of surprise. You cannot imagine the origin and the shape of your next mail. Every day you check your mail box awaiting surprise. Today it is a letter from the cold Norway, while tomorrow it may be a postcard from the sunny Haiti. You cannot expect the day and time of the letter. You cannot determine the origin of your mail in advance. The only thing that you know, it will be a pleasant surprise with warm words and nice wishes. When people send greetings, they send a piece of their soul. And when you sign in the project, your life becomes full of a wonderful feeling of unexpected surprises!
    3. Some people send handcrafted postcards, so it may be interesting to find out about the talents and techniques used by people. Our fantasy is unlimited, so it is always a chance to learn something new and interesting from other people in terms of handcrafting. Thus, people have chance to build the extraordinary postcards’ collection containing items of various kinds. You cannot buy an American postcard in Russia, as well as Irish postcard in japan. However, being the member of postcrossing community you have a chance to collect postcards from the other side of the world.
    4. Postcrossing brings back the vogue of sending paper mail. Of course, today everything is possible online. We can send a letter online, give birthday and wedding congratulations online, order food and shop online. However, the online letter is not that warm and sweet. You cannot touch it. And you can not fully dive into the attitude, emotions and feelings of the sender. That is why, it is very nice to get the paper postcard that will stay as a memory of this sweet day forever! Paper mail is not outdated! Moreover, with such networks as postcrossing website, paper mail gets back in vogue!
    5. Postcrossing connects people from different continents and countries in a new way. Of course, you can find each other in Facebook or any other social network. However, the signers of the website have at least one similar feature – all of them love sending and receiving postcards! It is a hobby, it is fun, and it is certain way of a lifestyle! So, being a member of postcrossing blog, you are connected with millions of people with the same sense of humor, character and lifestyle!

So, if you still have questions of why postcrossing is so popular, sign in at the postcrossing website, and make your first shipment. You will definitely like it!

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