Ways to Survive the End of the Semester

December 5th, 2017

Ways to Survive the End of the Semester

No matter are you a diligent student or a lazy one, the finals are coming and that is the sound reason for your concerns. The end of the semester is, for sure, the period of time when maximum efforts, attention, and concentration are required and minimum rest is possible. However, harsh conditions, tight deadlines, and heavy workload shouldn’t be the cause of your inner imbalance or, worse, wear you out so that the upcoming holidays will be spent on the recovery rather than entertainment. The survival tips we’ve prepared for you will help to go through that really tough study weeks before Christmas holidays.

To stay focused, limit the access to what distracts you the most. Is it impossible for you to study when your roommate talks on phone or listens to the music? Then, change the location. Can’t stop checking your Instagram or Facebook page, texting with your friends, family, or whoever? Then, make it your habit to turn off that evil distractor or put it on silent at least for a couple of hours a day. Create conducive to studying conditions, so there will be no excuse for unprepared home assignment, failed exam, and etc. By the way, in case you are too vulnerable to even the slightest background noise and prefer studying in a complete silence, try buying earplugs to escape from the outer world.

Never let your stomach stay empty. Intellectual activity and uninterrupted processing of huge amounts of information on the daily basis, especially, at the end of the semester require a lot of energy that we mostly get from the nutrients of our daily ration. Hence, it is crucial to eat well and regularly! Though, the proverb says that hunger is the handmaid of genius, it doesn’t relate to and has nothing in common with hungry students before their finals. Remember that your productive preparation and successful performance during the exams largely depend on healthy nutritious food!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. That means that your nonstop study regime will bring you no use, but exhaustion, stress, depression, displeasure, sleepless nights, and many other negative aspects if you don’t intersperse it with leisure activities. You main aim during the extremely hectic end of the semester time is to stay fresh, productive, and alive, which can be achieved thanks to balancing study and rest time, finding a couple of minutes for doing something that brings you pleasure, having good sleep, meditating, or hanging out.

Although the list of survival tips can be extended according to certain personal characteristics of a student, the suggested three crucial aspects are of the first magnitude. Focus, satiety, and balanced rest will help you to overcome any upcoming study difficulties.

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