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Compulsory Question: Please describe how you have prepared for your intended major, including your readiness to succeed in your upper division course once you enroll at the University.

Business administration is a fundamental economic course that equips students with the skills of running the business and solving the problems they encounter. My father is a professional accountant, and his educational achievements inspired me to undertake the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with the Accounting as my major. I, therefore, chose to study at the University of Massachusetts in the Isenberg School of Management. The course is necessary for me because I plan to establish my own business after school, thus, I feel I must have the relevant skills to manage my enterprise.

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The path to academic success is not an easy way and I must be fully prepared to confront the work ahead of me so that I can achieve an upper division in my course. I, therefore, have to exercise self-discipline and try to manage myself wisely to make sure that I do what is expected of me. Firstly, I must ensure that I do not miss lectures unnecessarily and that I submit all my class assignments on time. Secondly, I will identify a group of hard working students whom I can partner with to form good study groups so that we can enlighten and encourage each other on the social and academic issues that we face. Thirdly, I have acquainted myself with the school rules so that I avoid potential expulsion or suspensions that may affect my academic achievements. Fourthly, I have maintained a good relationship with my parents and close people and always let them know about my challenges so that they can give me support and lead towards the right direction. Lastly, I also intend to be careful with my social life so that I do not create problems that may thwart my dream of becoming a highly qualified accountant. By doing all the above, I am confident that I will excel in my studies and build a successful accountancy career.

Question One: Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others, helped resolve disputes or contributed to group efforts over time.

A leader, in my opinion, should act as a servant by providing guidance and motivating others to work better towards a common goal. The one in charge avoids using their authority and power excessively and tries to create friendship and a bond so that others can negotiate on issues as well as create understanding and increase cooperation. In high school, I was a class monitor, and I positively influenced others by working in a non-partisan manner. I encouraged dialogue in case of disputes in my class and ensured that both parties reached a consensus on the issue. I also stimulated my fellow students to listen to one another and try to put themselves into the shoes of the other so that they can learn to be compassionate. However, some of the students could at times throw tantrums at me or wage a scathing attack on me, however, in all these, I made sure that I upheld my sobriety and tried to calm them down and find a mutually acceptable solution.

Also, I made sure that whenever we had issues with a teacher or the school administration, we were given the possibility to discuss the issues, and only if they were beyond one’s abilities, they would forward them to the school administration. By doing so, I ensured that the students did not engage in unwanted behaviors such as disobedience or strikes by directing them to see that a dialogue is the best solution. Also, I represented my class on the student council and led them in the co-curriculum activities such as games or even academic contests. Overall, the leadership role has shaped my character as it enabled me to learn how to face challenges and in case I was overwhelmed, showed me not to be afraid to seek counsel from others.

Question Six: What have you done to make your school or your community a better place?

I do believe that selfishness is not a virtue as it will destroy the world in which the next generation will leave. I, therefore, uphold the stewardship towards the environment and the society. In this regard, I have been at the forefront in the matters to do with the environment as well as the affairs of the poor people.

In high school, I requested the administration to allow me to plant a tree on my admission day as a sign of commitment towards the environmental responsibility. I influenced my fellow students to care for the environment and we formed a group known as Student Environmentalists Club whereby under my leadership we approached the school administration to allocate us a portion of land where we can plant trees to create a small forest in the school. The management considered our request and gave us two acres of land to plant trees. As members of the club, we agreed that everyone must look for a distinct species of trees and bring seedlings. In such a way, we managed to grow a variety of trees in the school. Apart from the forest, we also planted spaced trees on the school lawns to provide shade for the students and teachers.

After we filled the allocated space with trees, we started a tree nursery whereby every member of the club participated in planting and watering the seeds until they were mature for transplant. We then requested the municipality to allow us to plant trees in the city and got several points along the pavements and the public gardens under our responsibility. Also, through the club, I advocated for recycling of waste in the school, encouraged others to collect tins and plastic bags to reuse them for planting tree seedlings as well as minimizing inorganic garbage. The club under my leadership also contributed and raised funds that we used to donate to the nearby children’s homes along with volunteering to spend time with the kids and mentor them during our free time.

Question Seven: What is the one thing you think sets you apart from other candidates applying to the University of California?

My resourcefulness and leadership skills make me different from others as they motivate me to do things independently, and I have barely made a wrong decision in my life. I am the person who does not bow down to challenges, but instead, I confront them bravely and maneuver my way out successfully. I am also an academic warrior because no subject appears challenging enough for me. I do not need any form of supervision because I am fully conversant with my role as a student and do not require monitoring even during exams, as I am fully aware of the need to develop and evaluate my skills correctly. I understand that my role, for now, is to study and be able to show that I executed my mandate. I, therefore, do not need supervision from lecturers as I know what I am supposed to do and, therefore, I only need them to provide guidance and assess me through examinations, assignments, and other tests.

Moreover, I possess excellent leadership qualities and, given the chance, will prove my usefulness to the university. I have good knowledge on how to handle the audience and, therefore, I am the best student leader the university can have. I can assure the school that as a student leader, my charisma and my influence on others will minimize the friction between the students and the administration as I will arbitrate on issues and lead both sides to a mutually beneficial outcome. I also have excellent skills in peer counseling and I do believe that no student can reach my level. The university, thus, needs me because I am able to work as a peer counselor to help the students cope and respond to their socioeconomic problems that may hinder them from achieving their dream on a voluntary basis. As follows from the above, I believe that the university will have no other student who can match my usefulness both to the administration and the students.

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