Traditions of Parents’ Day Celebration

July 27th, 2017

Parents Day

Many people think that celebrations are only for children. Many of them are sure that children birthday parties, anniversaries, last year of school, etc. are the only important dates to celebrate. However, there is a day in a calendar dedicated solely to the grown-ups. It is a Parents’ Day, which can be celebrated both by children and by parents. The holiday is celebrated in July. The fourth Sunday of the month is dedicated to all parents of the world. It is a special day when children can show how much they care for and love their moms and dads. To understand how the holiday is celebrated in the US and around the world, read the information below.

What is Parents’ Day?

1994 is considered to be a starting point for celebrating Parents’ Day. It is the year when people of all races started considering the holiday as a national one and give presents to parents from all over the world. This is a day when the hard work of parents in the family as well as the whole society is praised. In many cultures, different celebrations and events take place. One of them is, for instance, choosing the best parent of the year. However, the traditions of celebration differ from one nation to the other one. Let’s find out more about it.

Parents’ Day around the Globe

It is not necessarily that the holiday is celebrated all over the world on the 4th Sunday of July, as, for example, in the United States. Many countries have their own day for honoring their parents. For instance, in Korea, Parents’ Day is celebrated on the 8th of May, while the Vietnamese prefer to do it on 7th of July. The traditions of celebrating are quite the same around the globe. Let’s take the United States, for example, to see how the holiday is celebrated there.

Traditions of Parents’ Day Celebration in the US

The President of the US Bill Clinton was an initiator of the holiday celebration. He was the one who established the holiday as the national one and who set the date for it (4th Sunday of July). Later on, the Congressional Resolution was approved by Unification Church and introduced by a Senator Trent Lott. After these events, people all over the US started celebrating this day as a day of all parents. However, the holiday became a reason of debates. For example, One of the Justices of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader, claimed that the holiday should not be celebrated alongside with Mother’s and Father’s Days but instead of them. The reason for his statement was that separately the holidays for mothers and fathers raise gender discrimination and only Parents’ Day can eliminate it by uniting parental roles.

This day in the US is a reminder that parents play a great role in the life of their children and the nation in general, as well as a sign to all parent of the world to be more responsible and loyal towards their children.

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