Tips for Studying with the Full-Time Jobs for Students

March 6th, 2017

How to study with a full-timeVery often the students who feel the lack of money in their pockets look for a job. It’s O.K, when it’s a part-time job. However, some extreme students start their career development path on a full-time job while still studying.
And while it sounds doable during the semester when the finals come, one might find study while working being too complicated.

Here are some of the tips for balancing your work and studies and not failing any of both.

Break you reading materials in chunks.  As soon as you have all the materials for reading, check the number of pages you have to read and divide it into even portions for every day. It is obviously easier to read 18 pages a day for 40 days than 103 pages for seven days. Make yourself a reading plan and try to stick to it.

Use your free time wisely. Throughout the day, we often have a lot of free time that we don’t even notice. For example, your time may be used wisely if you read some notes or reading materials. If you are driving to work, check your textbook for a CD with an audio version, or make your own audiobook with the use of the free simple software.

Use (or develop) your multi tasking skills. While doing some routine work during the day, we often deepen into our thoughts. However, if you sneak some studying material with you, it is a good time to study something.

Sacrifice. Trying to cram studying and working in one schedule is tough, so be prepared to make some sacrifices. Of course, it’s not good to give up on your family, so make sure you sacrifice on the things that benefit only you. Exchange one hour of TV for one hour of reading, and you’ll find it easier to get ready for your finals in time.

That’s all tips for today. If you have some more interesting ideas, write them in the comment section below.

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