Tips For Introverts: How To Be Social In College

August 25th, 2017

Tips For Introverts: How To Be Social In College

Making friends as an introvert can be a truly grueling experience. Especially when you are a freshman in college and you don’t know anybody around you. If you relate yourself to this problem, our three tips for making social contacts are definitely for you.

Making friends as an introvert: Top 3 Tips

  1. Find a Social Group to Join

The very first thing you should do on your college campus is to learn about all the hobby groups and clubs existing there. You will be surprised with the fact that there are many different social groups in any college. No matter how out of the ordinary your hobby might be, it is most likely that you will find a group of people who share your interests. So, choose the group that fits your preferences best and join it immediately. Don’t spend too much time hesitating whether you really fit in or not, because the most important thing here is to get out of your comfort zone and to make yourself communicate with other people.

  1. Make Small Talks with Random People

In the beginning of your college life, you should be ready to meet new people everywhere every day. Just don’t treat them as a hurdle that you have to avoid at any cost. Visa versa, consider them as your potential friends and try to make contacts with them. Start just with saying, “Hi!” and introducing yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you have something in common with those people or not. It also doesn’t matter whether you will ever see them again. Just challenge yourself talking to people and soon you will see that communication with strangers can be an exciting experience.

  1. Go Out on Your Own

Do not be afraid to go to different events by yourself. Not having a company doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your room and miss all the fun. Just go there and practice our tip number two: start talking to strangers. You might feel awkward at first, but remember that you are not the only one freshman in your college. So, there will be other students who want to make new friends.

25If you use these tips every day, very soon you will find socializing to be much easier than it was before. So, dare yourself to do the first step. Good luck!

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