Tips for Choosing College Classes

August 30th, 2017

Tips for Choosing College Classes

Before each semester, you play a kind of a lottery with your new classes. You need to pick classes in order to graduate on time and to a have normal life while going through them. The right day, the right time, the right class – all that requires a certain approach. It’s a tricky thing. However, we have a small guide to help you choose classes for the new semester.

What classes to take in college

  1. Track your classes

By this, I mean you should be aware of which classes you’ve taken and which classes you still need. Use the school service or create your own map with Google Sheets. In this way, you can track, which classes are available only in fall or spring, or even only in certain years.

  1. Put your must-haves first

There are classes you can have only this semester. Put them onto your schedule first and only after that continue choosing classes in college. This will help you to graduate in time.

  1. Prioritize by interest not by time slot

Studying will influence your whole life. So, whenever you see an awesome class, but it’s offered in uncomfortable time, take the class. It’s worth remembering.

  1. Try to avoid monotone classes

If there’s a chance to add variety, go for it. It’s much easier for your brain to have different classes with different professors than to struggle with similar routine on a daily base.

  1. Double-check everything in advance

Contact the professor via email if needed. It’s far better to explore all peculiarities and requirements of the class before you register for it. Use the help of your advisor to get your life together and pay attention to your credits. Be patient and you won’t pay the price of unfortunate situations.

  1. Don’t be afraid of non-negotiable schedule

Sometimes, you just can’t do anything. It’s not under your control. Take a deep breath and search for the bright side. It’s always there.

  1. Trust real people rather than Rate-My-Professors-sites

Usually, such websites don’t provide you with the proper necessary information. If you want to know about the number of tasks, the quality of knowledge and about special requirements, find real people who have already been through the classes of that professor. They will answer all your questions.

  1. Prepare a backup plan

The first thing you need to do is to make a bunch of mock-up schedules to foresee the possibilities of the following semester. In addition, search for the classes you can register for with the minimum loss in case you don’t get your top choices. They may include classes with similar requirements, time slots, and so on.

  1. Consider different factors of studying process

If you’re going to spend a semester studying abroad or to go for an internship, include this in your schedule creation process. Ask your advisor, which way will work best for you.

  1. One of the main tips for college students

Start preparing at least a week before the day you choose classes. Track all changes and keep in mind the tips above and you’ll have a great semester.

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