Tips for a Successful Internship

June 27th, 2017

Tips for a Successful Internship

What do you consider as a successful internship? Minimum you can hope for is to end your internship without tragic failures. Yet, if you’re rather an optimist than a pessimist, try to make your bosses remember you. If you manage to make them recall you in a positive way, it will be a success. So, what should you do to maximize the use of your summer internship and become an outstanding intern?

How to juice internship opportunities

First of all, you must realize what your expectations from the summer internship are. Set realistic goals, write them into your planner, and read them once a week to direct your internship into the desired flow. You may also take weekly notes of your ups and downs, write down valuable pieces of advice and you’ll succeed.

Secondly, the best way to build relationships with colleagues is to cooperate with them, not just to drink coffee together. Offer your assistance for a mutual benefit. It works like this: you provide extra helping hands, they share wisdom and experience in some specific fields of your internship. In addition, in such a way, you will more likely get a powerful recommendation letter.

The third thing you need to realize is that getting noticed requires some efforts. Chat with colleagues, stay on the radar, help with little routine stuff, which nobody else wants to do. Ask their professional opinion concerning your internship and be ready to hear different answers.

The mentor is your saving boat in any situation, which you may face as an intern. Take care of the relations with your supervisor so that you could ask questions anytime. The most valuable part of it is that you can observe the practical side of the issues, which you learned only in theory.

Be polite with your colleagues and other interns. There are always people better than you are, and these people should become your friends. In this way, you can improve your skills and become better too. Support people who are facing troubles and remember that one day you may need a helping hand.

Connections you acquire during the internship may become useful in the future. So, don’t underestimate this point. Follow the networking tactics and become the best intern the company has ever had.

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