The Entire Story of The Fourth of July

July 4th, 2017

The Entire Story of The Fourth of JulyIndependence Day is high time to honor the country and its great history. Familiarize yourself with the whole of the truth how America gained its independence and became a leading country in the World.

Historical Background of the Event

It happened that 13 American colonies were under the leadership of King George III, the King of England and Ireland. This period was very wearing and did not bring any benefits to the colonies. More than 2,000 miles of the territory was owned by the English ruler. The burden was so heavy that the response followed. A historical event called the Boston Tea Party was a beginning step of showing the protest against increasing the taxes. Tones of tea were thrown away intentionally in the Massachusetts Bay. One more crucial moment was the Massacre in Boston Harbor, where people were victimized and beaten.

The Big Vote

In the beginning, the population of Virginia endured and gave their votes to establish a local independent government. In 1774, the first session was organized and the members of the group completed the first draft of a fateful document. Time burned the name of it into the pages of history – Declaration of Independence. Those brave and fearless 56 men signed it and in this way they witnessed the independence of the United States of America.

How the first celebration was held

The event was accurately planned and the process of inventing the declaration took more than one year. This time the American Revolution was its full swing. The final variant of an act was approved on July 4. In a month, millions of people got acquainted with the document and what they felt was a great merriment. Finally, Independence Day was proclaimed to become a national holiday in 1783.

Spend some quality time on the holiday

On this honorable date, every citizen of America has a day off to relax and celebrate the life-changing event. People go to parades, eat out, or have picnics. What is more, you can participate in a great range of other activities, such as, different games, parties, etc. Some cities have a celebration during four or five days. In the evening, there is a chance to watch a spectacular firework show. Do not be inert and enjoy.

The most interesting and amusing facts

The number of artificial flamingos, made of plastic, in America exceeds the quantity of real ones. NASA has presented the data that the U.S. has the harshest weather conditions. For example, in a year more than ten thousand thunderstorms could be expected there. Additionally, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes could often appear as well.

Apparently, in the list of fruit favorites banana has a leading position. A person consumes almost 34 pounds of this fruit in a year.

You will be surprised that the Liberty Bell wasn’t produced in America and was not used in the first celebration of Independence Day. Its real place of birth was England. The bell obtained its name only in 1830’s to do homage to slaves who gained freedom.

Nowadays, American citizens are happy to live in the independent country, the way to the liberty of which was not so easy achieving, though. As far as on this day we have a state holiday, it is important to spend it with joy and delight.

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