The Controversial Core Of The Columbus Day

October 9th, 2017

The Controversial Core Of The Columbus Day

Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day are holidays that have the controversial historical background. The article represents many facts that allow to insight deeper into the historical aspects of the occurrence of Indigenous Peoples Day and its importance for many people. The article also focuses on the investigation the issues of discovery and its concept. Besides, it explains the significance of the myth about the discovering of Columbus.

Columbus Day:  “Discovery” Issues And Indigenous People’s Day

Indigenous Peoples Day and Columbus Day are two different holidays that are celebrating on one day. The essence of Indigenous Peoples Day is to celebrate people who lived in the U.S. before Christopher Columbus came to their land.

Why is the myth concerning the Columbus’s discovering of America is so significant?

The reason of its importance is hidden in the contradiction of theories. The origin history of the United States like democratic republic started the new stage because it was born out of opposition to empire.

What is the concept of discovery?

The discovering of Columbus caused Papal Bull the core of which was declaration that Spain took their inch of the Western Hemisphere. Such event caused depriving of peoples’ rights to their lands. The Papal Bull became a foundation of the European international law.

Are there any records that could show how they talked about?

Actually, Columbus ended the first era of European exploration that caused formation of international law. The crusades of the Holy Roman Empire were bloody campaigns that induced dehumanization. When Columbus sailed out, number of Jews and later Muslims were deported.

Is the myth of discovering broken down?

Of cause, it is broken down. Regan administration supported Self-Determination Act and spent a lot of money on celebration of quatercentenary. However, such approach caused only indignation of many people. Today, nation calmed down but renamed the holiday and called it Indigenous Peoples Day.

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