Student Life: hardships and joys of the academic routine. A short way to perfect student’s life.

April 28th, 2016

student life
Speaking about student life it is hard to deny that it is filled with fun. However, it is also full of hardships, especially on the first stages. It must be mentioned, that when students leave home and find themselves in some unfamiliar environment it takes lots of time and effort to get used to the new realities, find new acquaintances and defeat homesickness, which in most cases evokes serious problems including insomnia, depression and other physical and moral disorders. Every academic institution, as a rule, has department responsible for such kind of issues providing support to newcomers and freshmen.

empty pockets

Empty pockets

The other problem is related to shortage of financial resources. Being a student is hard to find free time to earn some extra money for additional expenses. Some courses require from the student thorough research and diligent studying, therefore there is no chance to be employed even part time. One must learn how to spend money rationally, without spending on some useless things and try to save some pennies for urgent cases.

academic burdens

Academic Burdens

The workload may also seem to be horrible at first sight comparing to what you have dealt with in high school, however it is important to calm down, take a deep breath and learn how to manage your time in order to succeed in studying and also have a good rest to keep yourself healthy and full of fresh energy. All these new aspects might seem overwhelming at first, however you will get used to the university life really fast, usually it only takes couple month.

social life

Social Life

It is also wise to join some academic societies to keep yourself busy, communicate with other students and convey your talents.

Major part of the readers might neglect our suggestions, however, it is really important to keep them in mind and take advantage of them when the time comes. It is so easy to shut the door and hide from your obstacles, but it is way better to fight them from the very beginning. Do not waste your precious time – act. Try to communicate with other students, go to the parties, attend some meetings/concerts. It is crucial to avoid solitude, because being successful student means being involved in university life, otherwise there is a risk of becoming an outcast.

social life

Time Management Skills -vital aspect for every successful student

There is hardly anyone in the entire world who has never been pressed for time. Every one of us has his own responsibilities, daily chores, workloads and businesses to cope with in a course of 24 hours. The question is how one manages to succeed in his daily routine without haste and fuss, and the other one is exhausted to death and still not able to organize his life and bring some order into the day-to-day schedule? The answer may be found with the help of proper time management skills.

The notion “time management” refers to ability of planning how much time should be spent on the accomplishment of the certain activity. This ability is a “must” for students concerning huge academic workloads and dozens of various disciplines. The benefits of time management skills could not be doubted, as it doubles (if not triples) productivity, adds efficiency, eases stress and tension of the daily routine, assists in achieving academic goals, thus contributes to your successful accomplishment of the studying. On the other hand, failure of the proper time management may cause drastic consequences like missed deadlines, slow workflow, chaotic actions resulting in a poor quality of work, and, as an outcome – failure of the course. Therefore, it is better to spend some time and learn how to manage your schedule in a right way instead of wasting forces on inadequate and irrational actions.

Here are some useful tips on how to plan your schedule effectively. First and foremost, one has to realize the distinction between urgent and important. You have to prioritize your tasks and decide for yourself which of those require your immediate actions and which may be accomplished later. There is also a category of “low importance” tasks, which may be completed later or eliminated from the list at all.

Elimination of the unnecessary things is actually paramount aspect as it may save you lots of time and earn you more freedom for accomplishment of something more urgent and vital. Multitasking is another useful ability. However, not every one of us is capable of coping with several tasks at a time. Therefore, it is sometimes not worth trying doing it, unless you are sure that such technique will bring fruitful results. Another point is that you have to understand when to multitask and when not to, because sometimes it is not appropriate and may cause more harm than good. For instance, if one works on some special project it is wise to focus on its goals only and neglect some minor daily activities. Learn how to concentrate on your work, how to avoid distractions and interruptions.

Pomodoro Technique

1. Pomodoro Technique

This technique is grounded on the scientific statements claiming that our brain is capable of concentrating on specific task for no longer than 25 minutes. As soon as this amount of time elapses, one’s attention starts to fade and thus productivity lowers to zero. The procedure is quite simple: one dedicates 25 minutes to certain activity and then relaxes for about 5 minutes. Each 25-minutes period is called “pomodoro”, having Italian roots as the method itself was researched by Italian scientist, who used kitchen appliance shaped as tomato for time calculation.
After 4 “pomodoros” one takes longer break lasting 25-30 minutes.

2. Hours Technique

Anothr quite interesting technique is called “168 Hours”, invented by Laura Vanderkam. Every week has 168 hours, and according to this technique we have to look at our schedule and plan our time weekly. The author also states, that by planning our schedule accordingly we also can save some time for activities we have always wanted to do, but constantly put them off due to the shortage of time.

3. Do It Now: Avoid Procrastination

It is one of the most motivational methods based on the belief, that whenever you tend to procrastinate some tasks or just don’t feel like accomplishing something due to fatigue, it is essential to repeat the phrase “do it now” several times. The author of this technique underlines importance of self-motivation, because in most cases postponing of some chores causes waste of time – it is better to do what you have to immediately instead of thinking about it and spending time on thoughts instead of the real action.

“Eat the Frog” or start from the bigger challenge

Mark Twain once said “Eat a live frog the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” So here it is! Your daily “frog” is basically least favorite activity, hardest and most complicated task of the day. It is much better to take action and finish this biggest issue of the day at first, in this case the other minor tasks will seem easier and you will accomplish them faster. It is wise to finish worst first, when you are still full of energy, otherwise this might become quite a daunting task.

Relax and do it tomorrow!

Of course, procrastination and postponing of some paramount tasks is not good at all. However, when one feels tired, exhausted, lacking inspiration and concentration – successful completion of the task may be put under the question. So, if you don’t feel good at all and know that there is still some time ahead to finish the task, it might be better to take off and relax.
It is great if you are a straightforward person and never break the daily plan, but health must always remain your priority whatever happens.

Spheres of life: How to Maintain a Perfect Balance

Our life is a complicated mix of various spheres, which are equally significant and failure in one of those instantly causes hardships in another. Different sources provide different names and quantity of these “areas”, however, if we generalize them it appears that basically the main spheres are: Family/Relationship, Education/Career/Finance, Health/Hobbies. Our classification may seem too general, but in reality life spheres may be divided into two parts only: Private and Social- each of these can be later on subdivided into sub-categories. Now let’s look into each sphere and explain its meaning.


Family/RelationshipThere is no place like home and there are no closer and more valuable people like parents, siblings and kids. From the first moment when we enter this world we become related to our family members. It won’t be a mistake, if we say that this sphere is probably the most important and other spheres are targeted at satisfying family’s needs and improving quality of our personal life as well as lives of our close ones. If some misfortune happens to the family, there is no chance for the individual to lead his normal life, it affects his daily routine, prevents from accomplishment of the daily chores and responsibilities like working or studying. Harmony and peace in family means a lot for the other “areas”, because happy and content person is more likely to succeed in other spheres of life. Balance in family life gives confidence, adds energy, fills one with optimism and inspiration. The other thing is our social ties, the way we are making friends, finding new acquaintances, co-operating with others at the workplace and deal with other people in general. In these terms, extraverts achieve better results while introverts face lots of difficulties. It is extremely important to develop communication skills, learn how to co-exist with other people in society and become accepted by it.


Education/Career/FinanceAbove mentioned aspects were united in one sphere not by chance. If we contemplate for a minute, it becomes obvious, that these three notions overlap, support each other and are totally intervened. Every one of us strives to become financially secure and independent. We want to supply ourselves and our families with all things required for living and this implies stable and sufficient income. To earn a living one must be capable of acquiring a job, thus one has to study and succeed in building a career. Education is paramount for everyone. It is not only about receiving good grades but also about gaining some vital knowledge to stay “aboard” in today’s society, to be aware of the basic important things and, of course, be able to get a well-paid job in the future. People who neglect studying regret their position very soon. Knowledge is a fuel which makes us go up on our career ladder. It gives us invisible power and makes us what we call “homo sapiens”. Being a student one is overloaded with various tasks and projects, sometimes students are really exhausted and need some assistance. is always there for you, so don’t hesitate and contact us anytime. We will be happy to assist you with your assignments for affordable price. It is better to apply for professional help when your grades are at stake. There is nothing to be ashamed of, because there is no such person who is able to cope with enormous workload, therefore asking for help is just a regular thing.


Health/HobbiesYou might be interested what made us pull together these two notions. The answer is simple: our leisure must contribute to our physical and psychical development. Every single person is a unique individual with his special needs, interests, tastes and preferences. It is of utmost importance to take care of our health and the easiest way apart from healthy eating is also choosing “healthy” hobbies. It is wise to go into sports, attend the gym or become part of some sport club. Spend your free time with benefit for your body and soul. Healthy lifestyle is imperative condition of the successful and independent individual. This aspect of life could not be underestimated, because every human being has to dedicate some time to his personal needs and refill forces to resume working with fresh mind and strong body.

Have you enjoyed reading our articles? wishes you all the best in achieving life goals. Hopefully, our advice will help you somehow and you will easily overcome all obstacles and hardships of the student routine.
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