Socializing in College: Guide To Making Friends

August 22nd, 2017

Socializing in College: Guide To Making Friends

Being in a college is often remembered as a great time because such is the peculiarity of our memory. It tends to remove all the bad experiences, idealizing what we actually have been through. In reality, college life, as any other life period, has its own brighter and darker sides. Positive aspects of being in a college include new experiences, new friends and ideas, and spending a lot of time with likeminded people. Negatives mostly include anxiety from the pressure of academic life as well as some other worries that arise from time to time. One of such worries is getting new friends, especially in the beginning of a study. Counselors often comment this challenge by saying, “just get involved”, but that’s easier said than done. Every person has a different experience, that’s why we have spent our time to talk to real students who told us how they make friends.

How to Find Friends in College

  1. Be Realistic.The guide to making friends starts with being realistic, which simply means that you need to get rid of unrealistic expectations. Don’t expect to make 20 new friends on the first day. Orientation is a great place to start. Annie O’Brien, a freshman who got acquainted with her future friends on the day of orientation, comments:
    “We were in the campus tour group. Everyone was silent, so I have decided to introduce myself. That’s simply how it started. My number one recommendation is to say ‘hi’ and introduce yourself.”
  2. Be Accessible.

    The first months are the most difficult. If you make yourself accessible, it will make this time easier. Megan Pomnitz from the University of Michigan comments:
    “For the first couple of weeks I kept my dorm door opened. This is how I met a lot of nice people who became my good friends.”

  3. Get With the Times.

    How to get friends? Use social media! India Harper, a student from Florida, met two closest friends after she has performed a search on Twitter. She comments:
    “When I looked for #FAMU16 hashtag, I found people who were going there. We just started talking and become friends.”
    Be yourself, show the best of your personality, and you will face no problems with finding friends.

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