Myths That Hurt You in Blogging

April 10th, 2017

Blogging-Myths-That-Are-Hurting-YouBlog writing is usually about sharing your thoughts on some issues or events, or telling about something you are really good at. So, if you know something that other people don’t, you are free to start your own blog.
However, there are many instances, when people hesitate to engage themselves in this activity due to some popular myths. What kind of myths are these? Are they really capable of preventing a person from becoming a blogger?
In the article below, we will try to answer these and other question connected to blogs writing.

What to Share in a Blog

So, the common myths about writing include:

Myth 1: Only real experts write blogs.
To destroy this myth, answer one simple question, “How are you going to know whether you are an expert or not in blog writing if you have never tried to do it?” There are lots of examples when people, whose intention was simply to share their own experience on some matter, later became popular bloggers. Remember, that the deal here is not whether you are an expert or not, but whether you have something to say. Sometimes, your experience can be the key to solving someone else’s problems.

Myth 2: Things I write are not important.
Again, you cannot judge the importance of information you share unless you share it. Is it important to connect with other people? Is it important to help others solve their problems? Finally, is it important to try yourself in things you want to?

Myth 3: No one is interested.
Do not forget that there are many people out there. Even if it seems to you that no one will read the blog, and even if no one reads it at first, sooner or later everything may change. Anyway, if your information makes difference for at least one person, you can consider it a success.

So, as you can see, there is no reason for you not to try and start your blog. Sure, you can make up lots of reasons and excuses not to do it. You may even think that everything has already been said and every topic has been discussed. However, do not forget that every person has his/her own vision of every situation and can offer his/her own solution. Do not wait for someone to think and talk for you. Become the one who speaks and you will know how to continue as a writer!

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