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March 12th, 2017

Top Tools for a Free Online
The Internet has become an inevitable part of our learning. Nevertheless, there are dozens of online tools. Below is the list of the most useful ones.

Online education tips and tools

1. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are a great choice for all the internet users. Both universities and colleges usually provide their students with these courses, which include subjects starting with Astronomy to ending with Web Design. Regardless of the fact that MOOCs are a well-built studying platform itself, there are numerous other apps (e.g. Stanford Online as well as MIT Open Courseware), which use this system. If you are scared of a great variety of the courses, don’t panic – MOOCs are perfectly structured and well organized.

2. Skillshare is a studying system with millions of users, both students and teachers. Everyone can teach here anything – crafts, photography, writing, technology and many others if he/she accepts the site’s rules. You can obtain good study habits here and apply them to practical lessons. Free availability of and access to more than 300 classes can be easily accessed after you have paid a pro subscription fee.

3. Reddit University gives an opportunity to become a part of crowd source community if you are acquainted with Reddit. 3D modeling, computer art and other various subjects, including games developing, are available. In the University of Reddit, you can also become a teacher to lead a class yourself.

4. CourseBuffet gives you access to hundreds of MOOCs from more than 200 universities. Quite a convenient search by field or subject combined with a flexible curricular creates a perfect studying platform for all the internet users. And what is more, everything is completely free.

5. ALISON creates marvelous opportunities combining free online lessons delivered by such huge tycoons as Microsoft, Cambridge, Macmillan, Google, as well as courses for the diploma level. If you struggle for any online education tips, this system is just for you, because here it is possible to get a certificate in Social Work, Human Resource or Project Management. The number of free online courses now is more than 750. Moreover, it is possible to check your progress and pass various skill tests.

6. Project Gutenberg is for those who prefer studying with reading. Maybe, movies would be more appealing to you rather than books? An outstanding library, containing more than 50,000 books as well as films with a quite helpful rating of Top 100 ebooks would be an ideal variant for a bookworm and a film fan.

Find your free online tools that you will like most!

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