May 4: Star Wars Day

May 1st, 2016


Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be with You

Movies have become a huge part of our lives today. In fact, watching films has been quite a popular activity since long ago. Different actors and scenes often become the subject of conversations in high schools, colleges, and different offices throughout the countries. People join online communities to discuss and evaluate films and a lot of them even become friends just on the basis of similar cinematography tastes and dislikes. Some of the movies even keep gathering fans despite the fact that they were created during the last decade. More than that, there are screenplays that have already become the part of culture. With confidence we can say that the Star Wars space opera is one of such films. Depicting the adventures of characters in a faraway galaxy, the series began in 1977 when the
first movie has been released. That is when Star Wars became a part of pop culture as we know it.

Star Wars Day: History

star wars 1This famous screenplay has become so popular that there appeared a Star Wars Day celebrated on May 4. There is a commonly used phrase in the film “May the Force be with you” so in reference to this phrase the motto of the star wars day became “May the 4th be with you” highlighting the celebration day. So the date was chosen on purpose just for the fun sake. Besides, the easy pun on the phrase “May the 4th be with you” played its role in popularization of the holiday. The reason why this event has spread among the fans of the film so quickly is mostly due to social media and other online venues. We must say that the Star Wars Day celebration itself goes far beyond the movie; what we are talking about now is not just a series of films but books and ultimately even a culture. The interesting thing is that the Star Wars Day wasn’t declared by movie creators or people related to the staging of the series. The initiative came from the fans across the globe who believed it to be a great idea to have a special day for the movie celebration.

They say that the reference was first used on the day when M. Thatcher took the Prime Minister’s office in the UK. One of the online articles published mentioned that that Thatcher’s political party placed an advertisement of congratulations. The thing is that in the body of congratulation there was a phrase “May the Fourth be with You.” The interesting fact is that this very formulation was used in a defense debate later on May 4. That is how many people believe the Star Wars Day holiday was initiated.

Toronto Underground Cinema (Canada) has become a venue for the first organized celebration of the Star Wars Day in 2011. The show included a trilogy trivia game show, a costume contest, the best tribute films, parodies along with remixes on the huge screen. The second official celebration of the holiday was no less massive and took place one year later. People who love the Star Wars film series used to celebrate this holiday in a variety of ways both in social networks and TV. In 2013 the Walt Disney Company joined to observe the holiday with multiple Star Wars festivities and movie related events at Walt Disney World and Disneyland parks. As a matter of fact, Disney had bought the rights to Star Wars in the end of 2012. Some of the sports team decided to wear special uniforms in the context of Star Wars Day promotions. Quite interesting, the celebration in 2015 must have been quite special to the astronauts as they watched the movie in the International Space Station.

It seems that the Star Wars Day became so popular that May 5 is now called “Revenge of the Fifth” associating with Star Wars III – Revenge of the Sith. This is the day when movie fans celebrate the Sith Lords as they join the dark side. More and more people get involved in this kind of festivities as the holiday brings together the fans around the world. Those who cannot come and visit actual venue for the celebration events organize events online so even the distance problem is not a real obstacle for true Star Wars fans to get together. Some people believe it is going too far with the movie fans promoting the film and going about celebrating the holiday everywhere in the States. However, it is quite possible that more and more films of that caliber will follow the tendency.

star wars - heroes

Organizing Star Wars Party

The fans of Star Wars don’t wish to limit themselves to just one day per year. May 4 is all good and fun but many choose to use Star Wars theme when organizing different kinds of parties. There is a variety of ways how one can organize a thematic party. And it goes much further than the films. If you have a group of people who love certain kind of sports or music genre for example, you can easily throw a thematic party for them and invite all of them to share the interest in a particular area. Such thematic parties get more and more popular especially among students. Star Wars is one of the most popular theme for parties. Most often people organize birthday parties in a Star Wars style which is especially interesting for teens and kids. If you try and search the ideas for such a party online, we are pretty much confident you will get a bunch of results. However, we have selected the best ideas that you could use to organize a Star Wars party. But before we can get on to the practical ideas, let us first go through the checklist of organizing things right.

  1. Venue. It would be great if you could find an appropriate place to run your Star Wars party at. The venue is extremely important when it comes to parties in a Star Wars style. Usually a studio should work fine. Just make sure you have enough space for everybody.
  2. Invitations. This is the place where you can utilize your creativity. The black and white invitations won’t do. Make sure you put on the stars, galaxies, movie characters, etc. There are also a bunch of ideas how you can create great invitations with materials other than paper too for Star Wars party.
  3. Costumes, robes, etc. Most of people think of Jedi Robe right away which is fine. Just keep in mind there are others costumes that are as entertaining as Jedi Robe. Besides, some of the stuff you can create with your own hands if you have limited budget.
  4. Accessories. Plates, napkins, table cloth – get all War Stars supplies you can possible get. This will help you create a great atmosphere for the movie fans.
  5. Food/Snacks. Yes, your snacks can also have the sign of a Star Wars theme. You can easily buy Star Wars cookies or make them yourselves.
  6. Photo, video, etc. Make sure you feature the party on the tape. This would be cool to have pictures and videos of people in the Jedi Robes with swords and other Star Wars stuff.

Star Wars Party Ideas

Now when you know how to plan a Star Wars party and you have the checklist to go through, you may want to know some ideas for the party scenario. Some of them will obviously be more fitting for kids or teenagers which is fine because most parties like that are organized for these groups of fans. However, you may want to try them with the adults as well.

  1. Movie Marathon. Now this one is more for adults obviously. It may seem too simple at first but the truth of the matter is that everything that is genius is actually quite simple. If you have the bunch of people who love the movie and have come to a Star Wars party then it may not be such a bad idea to watch the series. You can choose the episodes you will be watching yourself or decide with your guests. It would be perfect if you could watch the movie in one room and have other activities running in the other room. This way all guests will be pleased.
  2. Jedi Training. All you need is to arm people with a light saber made from long balloons. Then you throw up regular balloons in the air and turn on the Star Wars theme song. The task of the players is to keep the balloons up in the air using their light sabers only. If one balloon touches the ground, you should stop the music and at that time all players have to freeze. If at that moment someone moves or laughs – he or she is out.
  3. Storm Troopers Knock Out. This activity requires a little bit of preparation too. You have to print out the storm troopers and cut them out. Then you should set them as targets for people to aim at them with nerf guns or rubber band shooters in order to knock them down. This could even turn into a competition so you might want to have some prizes ready.
  4. Obstacle Course: Escape from the Death Star. This one actually needs even more time to prepare. Most people think this is for kids only but if you take time to diligently prepare, this can be a very entertaining activity for adults as well. All you have to do is to come up with an obstacle course that would be inspired by the Star Wars movie. You can consider such obstacles as red string tied between trees (laser fire), shooting down paper tie fighters made of lanterns and rolled up newspapers, etc. The only limit is your imagination really. This one could also be a competition if you add time scoring system.

Concluding Remarks

Despite the fact that the first movie has been released so many years ago, many people still love it. Besides, Star Wars is more than a movie series now. It has grown into a culture where people like to enjoy the atmosphere of the movie in their daily lives. The Star Wars Day, Star Wars party, related games and activities – all of these things prove that the Star Wars films have become a big part of our lives today. Even if you visit a toy store, you will notice how many Star Wars toys you would find there. The whole movement is expanding. It is hard to predict how many years this movement is going to exist but what we can say with confidence today is that the number of Star Wars fans is only growing. May the 4th be with you whether you like the movie or not.

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