Matriculation in Different Universities of the World. The Most Interesting Cases.

May 20th, 2016

Matriculation is the process of entering the university. After matriculation students are officially eligible to start their program at the chosen institution. Many old universities that obey long-standing university traditions hold the special matriculation ceremony that is an important and amusing part of academic life. Moreover, it is one of the most pleasant university traditions as students are not loaded with any prejudices, obstacles and further academic problems. They are proud to be admitted and they celebrate the first official day of a program. Let’s look at the most interesting cases of university stories of matriculation ceremony around the world.

Oxford University

Oxford is one of the oldest universities around the world. Moreover, it the place with unique traditions and rules. At the end of the first week at the university, all freshmen are invited to partake in formal matriculation ceremony. The ceremony traditionally takes place at the Sheldonian Theatre where newly enrolled students enjoy the feeling of being the piece of Oxford. Every student has to wear the traditional Oxford suit called sub-fusc. The black gown, cap and black ribbon or tie are the symbols of the formal start studies in Oxford. Students no longer wear sub-fusk on a regular basis. However, they have to wear this type of suit when they have examinations, graduation, and other notable academic events. After the matriculation ceremony, students pose for individual and year-group photographs.

Cambridge University (UK)

Cambridge also follows old and very formal university traditions. The official matriculation ceremony with wearing the sub-fusc and signing the formal Matriculation Registration Form is one of the main traditions on Cambridge. Unarticulated students are not allowed to reside and study in.

The University of King’s College (Canada)

The University of King’s College is a small but old community with its traditions routing back in the 19th century. In the 19th and 20th century the entrants to the university had to pass a Matriculation Exam. The successful candidates were admitted to the university and their names were signed in the special register – Matricula. The first Matricula of King’s College is dated of 1803. Matricula is kept at the library. Today students also follow this tradition, wear gowns and sign their names in Matricula to become a part of the unique community.

Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)

The Charles University has one of the most interesting university stories of matriculation. The formal ceremony is held in the Great Hall. By partaking in the ceremony, students demonstrate the adoption of duties and gaining rights. The ceremony includes admitting the Matriculation Oath by future students, touching the Faculty mace, meeting the Dean and shaking his hand.

Boston University (USA)

Boston University also has a formal matriculation ceremony with signing in into the rank of a student. However, the non-formal part is the most interesting. The fresh students are gathering to perform a common walk that heads to the Agganis Arena. Students take photos during the walk and celebrate the beginning of the academic life and then make a collage out of those pictures. Students note that it is a unique chance to march together down the city as the one community. The next time they will have a chance to do same is the commencement ceremony in several years.

Japanese kindergartens (Japan)

It is weird for the European and American traditional society, but Japanese kindergartens hold the matriculation ceremony. Children are expected to wear the special uniform while parents have to attain the personal photographer and take pictures of their kid at the ceremony. The ceremony lasts several minutes. The chief of the school greets parents and children and sings the kindergarten song. Then there is a speech from the head teacher and another action song aiming to involve children.

Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine)

One of the oldest Ukrainian academic institutions also has interesting matriculation ceremony. During the formal ceremony, freshmen have a chance to touch the university’s turtle Alma, which symbolizes the touch to knowledge.

happy students

The enrollment into the educational institution is among the most touching and intriguing university stories. The matriculation ceremony provides a sense of belonging to the particular university and makes this day memorable. Although the tradition of matriculation is connected with matriculation examination which is not relevant in the most countries today, the matriculation ceremony itself is a kind old tradition that brings positive emotions and makes the academic life brighter.

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