List of Chrome Tools for every Modern Student

May 13th, 2016

Google Developer Tools

Google Chrome is one of the most sophisticated web browsers that enable its users to use the numerous tools. Some tools, like Chrome Developer Tools, aim the advanced users who seek optimization of processes, auditing the work and network performance of the browser, debugging the Java Scripts, working with the console or improving rendering performance. However, what may be the most interesting and useful for students, is the possibility of using the best extensions for Google Chrome. Some of the extensions are focused on entertaining and socializing, while others are practical tools for learning, studying, visualizing and communicating with classmates. The following list will describe the best Chrome extensions useful for every modern student!

    1. Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides

The extension allows viewing and editing PowerPoint, Excel and Word files without the installation of the office package to the PC. You can use the extension in Chrome, Gmail, and Google Drive. The files (documents, spreadsheets, and slides) will be opened for viewing and editing.

    1. Office Online

Office Online is one of the best Chrome extensions replacing office installation that allows not only viewing and editing files but also creating the new documents.
The extension works with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Sway files.

    1. Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker shows the number of unread messages in the Gmail box. It is convenient to see the notification about the new message without opening the mail in browser.

    1. Mendeley Importer

This Chrome extension allows collecting, organizing, citing and sharing the research sources and PDF files in the personal library.

    1. Select and Speak – Text to Speech

Select and Speak is based on the iSpeech’s human-quality text-to-speech (TTS) and allows to hear any selected text. So, when you need the information and do not have a possibility to read the text, you can listen to the text via the Select and Speak.

    1. Panda 4 | News & Inspiration Dashboard

Panda 4 is the newsfeed dashboard that allows collecting and following the most interesting content for your topic of interest. It is all about innovations and inspiration. Being up-to-date is the essential quality for every student.

    1. Hypothesis – Web & PDF Annotation

The Hypothesis extension is the annotation tool that allows organizing personal research, collecting notes, discussing some interesting issues of the web and PDF files.

    1. Wikiwand: Wikipedia Modernized

Undoubtedly, Wikiwand is one of the best Chrome extensions for students. Wikiwand has an innovative, convenient interface that improves the readability of the website. The extension offers multi-language search, quick preview feature, and the clean layout.

    1. Spreed – speed read the web

Spreed is developed to minimize the time for reading. It utilizes the visual techniques offered by the best speed readers and allows reading the articles and content two or three times faster than usual. It is very convenient tool for students, who always lack time!

    1. Oh My Word!

Oh My Word! Is the one of the best extensions for Google Chrome word nerds! This application allows busting the vocabulary and collecting the most effective and one-of-a-kind phrases!

    1. Lightshot (screenshot tool)

This Chrome extension enables users to take the customized screenshots. Simple interface and excellent utility characteristics make this app an indispensable tool for students.

    1. Instant Translate: Translator and Dictionary

Instant translator allows translating in 104 languages. Besides, the extension has text-to-speech tool and enables using the existing translations of the popular texts.

    1. Google Dictionary

This extension allows getting the definitions of words on the Web in a fast and efficient way. Just select the word with cursor, and the app will provide the definition.

    1. Google Scholar Button

Google Scholar Button gives easy access to scholarly sources online or in the school library for the topic on the Web. All you need is to select the topic or title of the paper, and the app will find the full text of the article.

    1. Share to Classroom

This feature is especially convenient for teachers for creating interactive classes. You can share the spotted webpages with the classmates (when you are presenting some info) or with the students (in case you are a teacher) quickly and reliably.

    1. Read&Write for Google Chrome

This extension is useful for students with some disabilities of learning difficulties. The app helps to maximize reading and writing skills.

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