Learning How to Be True To Yourself

February 12th, 2017

be true to yourselfIt is often difficult to say the truth, even if you are saying it to yourself. Most people manage to succeed, but what if you always try to find justifications to avoid doing something.

1. You look for apologies
Have you ever tried to plead yourself not to do something because of fake tiredness? If you opt not to perform something and does not have a feeling justification, then perhaps you are making a right choice. On the other hand, as soon as you start creating reasons for yourself not to do the desired occupations, maybe those are not the right things to do in life. Maybe it is time to stop and take up something else.
2. You ignore your inner voice
When there is an important decision to make or you lie to yourself about a significant thing, there is something inside you that denies this saying it is not true about you. Quite seldom we hear this voice and even rarer we try to listen to it. In most cases, this voice is the right choice that tells you how it must be.
3. You forget about bad emotions
Bad feeling is a precursor of changes, however, the majority of people ignore it, trying to get rid of this kind of emotions as quickly as they can. Your decision making process directly depends on your previous experience and bad experience is valuable as well. Do not forget about it, analyze it, and try to comprehend the reasons for failure.
4. You betray your beliefs
Everybody is fond of gossips. Judgmental reaction even towards your friends can be interesting to discuss. These small abandons do not make any changes separately, but together they are able to change your whole mindset. As soon as you feel something bad inside you, it is high time to change it. The next time you will be involved in the judgmental conversation, react differently, not the way you did it before.
5. You don’t stick to your promises
You constantly move away from your truest self, when you fail to keep the promise that you had given earlier. For the first time, it may seem as a harmless apology, but sooner, when it becomes a habit, the consequences can be disastrous.
6. You create your local drama
Your precious time is not worth even a second for unnecessary drama. Not only does it require a lot of energy, but your mental health will suffer as well. Try not to be involved in unnecessary conflicts and someone else’s problems. It is all about life’s success secrets – you are not able to satisfy everybody.

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