Internship Tips: How to Be a Great Intern

June 2nd, 2017

Internship TipsFinally, you’ve succeeded with the awful task of applying and interviewing for an internship. My congrats! Now you are an intern. Yet, the stress won’t leave you at this stage. Unfortunately, you’re not the first intern in the company and your supervisor may compare you with the previous candidate. Besides, there are certain expectations to your internship. How to come out on top and become a great intern? You may need a few tips.

Top pieces of advice for interns

  • Pay attention to the dress code

One of the most important internship tips for college students is to demonstrate your professional attitude through every detail, especially through your outlook. Even if your supervisor wears casual jeans and t-shirts, do not think you can do it too. I’m not saying you have to dress up like for a diplomatic reception unless your internship takes place in the embassy. Yet, make sure you iron your shirts and wear skirts of the appropriate length. The best choice falls for black pants or skirts with nice tops.

  • Don’t be late

It is unforgivable for an intern to be late. The best step you can make to merit respect from superiors is to arrive earlier. Following the schedule like a real worker makes a good impression and then look good on your resume.

  • Don’t complain

There is no 100% possibility all your assignments occur exciting and meaningful. Yet, do your best fulfilling even the most boring tasks. Such high work ethic will convince your supervisor in your competence. Moreover, you’re more likely to get a really important assignment in the future.

  • Be organized

It concerns your working place first of all. Even if it’s a small corner of the shared table, keep it clean. This is one more opportunity to show your best qualities as a future worker. The organized workspace will help you to be more productive. Among other tips for interns, remember this one: Never leave confidential documents in plain sight. You don’t want problems, do you?

Work hard and do your best to show you’re an amazing intern!

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