How to Increase Campus Security

February 27th, 2017

Steps to Creating a More SecureLately, campus security has become a seriously discussed issue in the USA. No wonder that after a few recent tragedies, people pay more and more attention to the security features of the campuses they give their children to.

Unfortunately, there are lots of educational institutions that are not paying attention to the security issues. Sometimes this happens because campuses are old, and held in bad conditions and with low security. Even if someone tries to do something, often all efforts are in vain, because no one else bothers to help. It is not enough to place some printed-out security tips in the dorm halls – campus administration must develop a coherent strategy to fight the problems.

In the 1990s, New York wasn’t the safest place. In fact, it was full of crimes that the police could not cope with. Then the “broken window” approach was introduced, which changed things drastically. The point is that if a broken window is not fixed, people will assume that nobody cares, and soon all the windows would be broken. If you leave that nasty graffiti on the wall of the dorm, in a few weeks, you’ll notice that there are graffiti and litter all over the place. If you want real change, follow the tips given below.

Security Tips

  1. Stop petty theft. If students can’t feel that their belongings are safe with them, how would they believe in your intentions?
  2. Fix broken lights. If the territory of your campus looks dark and neglected, you won’t be able to convince students and parents that you do everything to keep them safe. Instead, make your territory as illuminated as possible so that it will be comfortable to walk through it in the evening.
  3. Patrols. Seeing a security patrolling nearby may eliminate some petty crimes and increase student’s confidence in their safety.
  4. ID badges. It would be a nice idea to make a system of IDs for all the staff to wear. This way you will be able to identify strangers on the campus.
  5. Increase personal information security. Upgrade your college system software, keep your lab computers under password, and, if possible, install security cameras.

Those are some easy and fairly cheap measures, but starting here, you can build up the confidence of your students and their parents, make college life on campus safer and overall decrease crime possibilities at your territory.

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