How to Get Internet Famous

January 26th, 2016

digitalIf you want to get internet famous, you need to be more likable than others. For the major part in this venture, you will have to rely on your writing skills in your texts, videos and podcasts to become successful. You can begin by learning how to write more personably by unlearning how to write like a novice. Another major key to succeeding is by understanding why only some writers or bloggers become famous on the internet while others don’t.

To become a famous blogger, you need to understand that it will require a lot of your dedication, persistence and endurance. Being famous will not happen overnight.





6 Killer Ways on How to Get Internet Famous

Set goals

To become a successful blogger, you need to set your goals and know your target audience. Most people just want to share some of their life experiences with family and friends, attract new readers or to make a living. Whatever your objective is, ensure that you have set it and you also understand it and then you can continue to dedicating all your time to it.

Have a time plan

Coming up with a realistic time plan that is based on your objectives is one major ay on how to get internet famous. Remember that the Roman city wasn’t built in a single day. Therefore, do not expect that your blog or website will attract millions instantly. This means that if you want to make a living from writing, you will need to be patient.

Do not be like most people, they give up very quickly. If your main goal is to make money from your blog, give yourself a couple of years. You should not also leave your website or blog dormant. Ensure that it is always up to date through constant writing.

Create pillar articles and unique tutorials

Quality content is the key foundation to your blog. Therefore, you will have to write on a regular basis to become a successful blogger. Ideally, it should be after every 2-3 days. Pausing for a couple of days, weeks or months will lead to your visitors going away and it is unlikely that they will come back from their black hole. You should also remember that you need to write helpful content that will interest your readers. Just before posting content to your blog, you should ask yourself whether it matches your target audience and whether it’s worthy enough to attract your readers.

Network with other bloggers

As a blogger and writer, it is necessary for you to network with other writers and bloggers to learn how to become a successful blogger and writer. Networking is not only for link building schemes. Networking is all about engaging is forums and discussions and also contributing valuable advice. You should aspire to know other writers and to make them know you. It would be best if you would be able to meet other bloggers in person. Successful bloggers have been said to travel weekly to meet others and also hold seminars and lecturers. You will get famous if you are able to take care of your own brand which is you and your website or blog. You will have an easy time learning the business in person.

Become a member of top blog communities

Most web enthusiasts and bloggers are always checking out for blog communities to get internet famous by enhancing their network. There are many blog communities. However, you should submit your blog to only the popular blogs that have a decent page rank.

You should keep in mind that when you comment nicely about something on a blog you are following you are increasing your visibility. Other guest bloggers will look you up and even subscribe to your blog.

Remain focused and do not give up

Your goals and time plan should guide you all through. You should not get discouraged because you aren’t getting that much traffic after the first few weeks, it will come in due time if you remain persistent. Do not get tempted to change your website or to write about something new. This is one mistake that will make you lose focus.

Be willing to listen to good advice from experienced writers and bloggers who can help you achieve your goals. Most famous bloggers had to work tirelessly for many years before they had anything published. You on the other hand can become visible to the world in a matter of minutes. You can follow the tips above and learn how to become a successful blogger.

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