How to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

April 26th, 2017
Where to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

Where to Find Inspiration for Your Writing

You can be a very talented author, a creative blogger and an awesome writer, but even a writing genius can go through hard times of lacking inspiration. In other words, you just can get tired and empty, so what should you do in such situations?

I offer a few effective ways of how you can reconnect with your muse and quickly get back to work. You will have your inspiration back and continue writing.

Yes, you will be surprised to find out how easy these methods are; but trust me, they do work.

  1. Blogs.

    There are so many nice blogs online; you can grasp your inspiration from them. They are written by various people all over the world, each having a unique style and character. Try to read different texts from such blogs. They can even tell you about the ways to write better.

  2. Books.

    If you’re tired of writing, then read. Get some books, which you like and haven’t read yet, and go through them. You will get a break from your work and will be inspired by the works and methods of other writers.

  3. Dialogs.

    If you don’t know how to get inspired, listen to people talking when you are in public. Sometimes their conversations can be annoying; however, you’ll be surprised to find out that people can be discussing beautiful things that may inspire you and reveal new topics.

  4. Magazines.

    Go and grab some magazines and read them. This may become a perfect change in style and rhythm for you to get inspired.

  5. Movies.

    Take a break and watch a movie with good rating on IMDB. You can take out good phrases, ideas or dialogues from films too.

  6. Forums.

    Check forums, they will not inspire you with literary artworks, but you can find good and honest thoughts there.

  7. Art.

    Browse the Internet to find artworks, which you may like and look at them for some time.

  8. Music.

    Turn the music on, the tracks you like and those you have never heard before.

  9. Friends.

    Go out with your friends, they are idea carriers and a perfect way of stress relief.

  10. Groups.

    You can visit writing groups and if it’s the right way for you, you’ll get more energy for writing.

  11. Nature.

    Stay close to nature to find inspiration and peace.

  12. Think about something different.

    Thinking about your paper all the time, you will get nothing but a failure. We assure you that if you do not know how to find inspiration for your writing, it is better to focus your attention on something else and your inspiration will come to you easier. For example, if you want to distract yourself from the constant thinking about your challenging coursework, you may think about the upcoming New Year celebration.

  13. Do physical exercises.

    By doing physical exercises, we do not only strengthen our body but also help our mind relax and calm down. In addition to a better physical shape, we get better patience, willpower, and mood. For example, I get the best writing ideas when running. The increased flow of blood multiplied by quietness usually brings me the best writing results.

  14. Laugh!

    You probably know that a positive mood improves human productivity and helps do various tasks easier. It is because the laugh influences the human anterior and prefrontal cortex (the areas of the human brain associated with emotions, complex cognition, and decision-making.)

  15. Travel.

    It does not mean that you need to visit another country if you cannot finalize your research paper. However, visiting a place of interest in your own town can be a very good idea because it will allow you to forget about stress and frustration helping you gain a few interesting ideas for your writing. Discovering new places and people always enrich our worldview. After all, you need to use every opportunity to boost your writing inspiration.

  16. Have a good sleep.

    If you have no idea how to find inspiration for your writing and cannot make up any interesting idea to develop it in your paper, we advise you to go to bed. Such a strategy works in almost all cases because your refreshed mind will generate interesting ideas easier.

  17. Find your most productive time.

    All people have different biorhythms. It is necessary to know your own most productive time to work during this time. We assure you that the most interesting and intriguing ideas will come to your mind during this period.

  18. Religion.

    Even if you are not a religious person, you should know that there are many inspiring ideas in religious texts. I have found interesting thoughts in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Baha’i, and many other religions. Yes, sometimes, it is not easy to read these texts, but, nevertheless, it is fantastically rewarding!

  19. Poetry.

    Do you like poetry? If no, I am sure that you just did not read good poems. Poetry is an area where everyone can find room for inspiration. No matter if you read classic poems of modern ones, they will enrich your language with many interesting words and sentence constructions that you will use in your own writing.

  20. Dreams.

    Sometimes, to create a good paper, one just needs to escape from reality. There is no better place to hide than a dream. You may dream about everything: traveling, a new car, or just a little puppy. The only thing you should know about dreaming is that you should avoid all distractors.

  21. Make something by your hands.

    If you find it difficult to work intellectually, just change your activity and work with your hands. Cooking, gardening, or knitting will capture your attention for a while and refresh your mind.

  22. Try something new.

    If you cannot find inspiration for writing, one of the helpful tricks is to feed your creativity. Even if it is such a simple thing as a new cooking experiment, you will be able to believe in yourself and find out how to cope with your writing task.

  23. Create a list of things that inspire you.

    In your academic career, you have faced a lot of challenges. The failure to understand how to find inspiration for your writing may also become a great problem. However, you have faced all these challenges with the help of specific things. We recommend you to remember all those things and create a list that will help you boost your inspiration whenever it is needed. Perhaps, it is some place, book, movie, song, or any other thing that helps you relax and forget about your worries.

  24. Google.

    Got stuck with your ideas? Refer to your old friend, Google, that can provide you with myriads of interesting ideas. We assure you that by inserting correct keywords, you will find tons of great information resources.

  25. Believe in yourself.

    I assure that you are your best source of inspiration. Just believe that you have great writing potential and practice your writing skills in every new writing assignment.

I do hope that my ways to find inspiration for your writing will be helpful for you. All in all, the writing process can be rather challenging, especially if you have no idea where to find inspiration for your writing. However, at the same time, putting enough time and effort, you will be able to turn it into an unforgettable adventure. So, do not wait for your muse! Remember that practice makes perfect. No one is born a good writer. This skill is obtained and polished through the years of hard work. I assure you that you are also a good writer, who may find many other ways to get inspired to write. All you need to do is just to believe in yourself and find out how to get inspired to write!