How to Arrange a Labor Day Party

September 2nd, 2016

labor-dayWhat can be a better trigger for a family getaway on the last weekend of summer than Labor Day? It is a great opportunity to cook out, have a pool party or just celebrate the end of warm summer days in the family circle. However, everything will go well only if the late summer bash is properly planned and arranged.

A List of Labor Day Party Ideas

Idea 1: Make sure that your guests will come in advance

There are so many events on the Labor Day weekend that you should not wonder if your guests will be already invited to some other parties. Do not waste time. Send “save-the-dates” notes to everybody you would like to meet beforehand and enjoy time together.

Idea 2: Make a themed party

Highlight all American patriotic ideas and stipulate for a special outfit in your invitations. Make the party special by choosing a great theme, e.g.:

Red, white and blue party. Ask the guests to wear only red, white and blue clothes to focus on the concept of the American flag. Decorate the setting with the US flags, stripes, stars, and colorful things.

Whiteout party. Ask your guests to wear as much white as possible after Labor Day to have nice entertainment. A party will be an outstanding reason to poke some fun at the strict rules and some traditions. Make white decorations and incorporate the white elements into everything at the party.

Idea 3: Make the menu special

You know how busy fall season can be. Use the last summer weekend to enjoy the outdoor cooking. The outstanding Labor Day food ideas include the following dishes:

  • Grilled chicken
  • Cheeseburgers
  • A variety of mixed fruit salads
  • Coleslaw
  • Fresh fruit pies
  • Different ice creams

Idea 4: Focus on awesome decorations

The list of possible Labor Day decorating ideas is endless. Choose the color scheme of the American flag for all the party accessories and think over memorable picnic décor, paper lanterns, and torch lights. Create the festive atmosphere of an outdoor party.

Tip 5: Think over entertainment and activities

Planned entertainment and party activities add to the pleasure the guests get and encourage them to make fun. You may opt for live music performance, dancing, crafts, playing football or any other team game.


Make sure every guest is happy, as well as likes and enjoys the party!

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