Half-Time Jobs for Students

June 13th, 2017

Half-Time Jobs for StudentsIn this article, we will show the best variants of part-time jobs for college students, in which they can earn extra money without the necessity of leaving college.

Ways to find part-time jobs for college students

1. Science

Of course, there are some subjects in your college, which you know better than other students do. It is an excellent opportunity to become a tutor and to teach your classmates when you have free time. Also, it is possible to get the place of an instruction assistant and get a stable part-time job during your studying. Besides, there is always a vacancy of a picker in each college, even on the internet. It will be necessary to cope with a lot of paper work, but there will always be time for own tasks.

2. College jobs

There are also such vacancies in college as residence advisors, campus tour guides and office assistants. RA represents the interests of students to the management of the university and college. The post of campus tour guide involves carrying out excursions for the first-year students and their relatives. Also, each college needs some office assistants who should answer phone calls and cope with different paper work.

3. Federal Work Study program

There is a unique program for students, which provides them with part-time or full-time jobs according to the sphere of their interests and the area of their studying. For instance, if you study at the faculty of the physical health, they can suggest you the vacancy of a fitness instructor on your campus. Do not hesitate and ask about all the opportunities.

4. Internet

You can also work online as a freelancer or a seller. You need to have excellent writing skills and analytical abilities to take orders. But do not worry, there are always many various interesting tasks even for the beginners. Also, you may become an agent of one of the global company like Amway, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, etc., and advertise and sell their production through the internet even lying in your bed.

5. Have fun and earn money

If you like children, the vacancy of a babysitter or a volunteer at celebrations is just for you! There is web site Care. com where you can find people who are looking for babysitters. Usually, the reason is banal – the lack of time because of working. Besides, you can organize birthday parties for children and perform some comic scenes as a princess or superhero.

Remember that there is always a chance to get some part-time jobs, just never give up, and you will find what suits you the most.

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