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Marketing Implementation for Izze Sparkling Juice

July 10th, 2020
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Content of Action Plan

Successful marketing has to consist of the key elements of marketing, which are product, price, place and promotion. Using the marketing mix, Izze can create a marketing plan for its products and develop a sound strategy. Products at Izze company come in two different types, which are water and juices. The products are sparkling water and pasteurized juices that target persons of any age group, and since they are pasteurized in the bottle, they are also organic. Izze’s target market is the health-conscious consumers, who care about their health. Izze sparkling water is packaged in a glass container to attract the customers and make them see the different flavors on its shelf. The price of Izze products is relatively low, considering its popularity on Amazon. Comparing its prices with those of the competitors, Izze products are cheaper and the company still offers high quality products. It can be an advantage to target the new customers who are loyal to other brands by enticing on Izze’s lower price and better quality. To develop a good marketing strategy, the place is essential to the plan. Izze has been able to sell its products across large stores in the United States, but the direct campaigns to consumers will increase its awareness. Besides, Izze should include retail stores in its marketing plan. Having the product is not everything, as users need to know the product, so Izze has to present various promotions in order to encourage more consumption and sales. The marketing plan will determine what product to sell, where to sell it, how much and what methods will be used to advertise or market the given product. Izze will adopt road shows, charity runs, social media and contests in its action plans.

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Action Plan Outline

Action Plan 1: Create stickers to be posted on bikes for free called “Izze bikers” in a road show around the city.

Objective: Attract customers from the parks and suburb areas.

Target Market: The aim is to market to the youth or young people of the ages from 25 to 35 years old who love biking as sport or as means of exercise.

Description: The company will also offer free drinks to bikers plus a sticker. Anyone who has a bike will be given merchandise worth $50 for the price of $30 and a membership card of Izze sparkling bikers. Each biker who is attending any gym and the gym can be verifiable will get a gift hamper of a pair of gloves. From the Izze bike with Izze stickers, the road show will allow its participants to compete in bike riding by winning a helmet or full safety body gear.

Who: The regional sales manager of the city will be in charge of the operations, assisted by company sales representative.

Timing: The road show promotion will run for approximately one month, starting on 10th November 2016 to 10th December 2016. The promotions will be starting from Friday to Sunday of every week until the end of the show.

Budget: $300,000

Gift hampers $180,000

Truck: $50,000

Sales and promotion representatives: $70,000

Measurement: The promotion will be measured by the number of bikers who received the stickers and participants during the road show who received gift hampers.

Action Plan 2: Advertising through social media sites, like Facebook.

Objective: Create awareness of the product and attract social media users.

Target Market: The target market is online social sites users.

Description: The promotion will entail creating the podcasts that have advertisement of the products and post them to social sites. The podcasts will be updated on a weekly basis with new and creative advertisements, in addition to information about Izze juices. A page will be created on Facebook, and an offer would be placed on winning technology products, like phones, plasma screens and a trip to a tourist destination. Creative pictures of the range of Izze sparkling juice and water would be placed on Pinterest and Tumblr in high resolution. Information on the strength of the company and retail stores that stock would be posted on Twitter, in addition to the events that the company would be holding.

Who: The advertising and promotion will be overseen by the marketing manager, assisted by the corporation sales representative on online marketing in coordination with the information technology department.

Timing: The promotion campaign will run for one year.

Budget: $20,000

System administrator: $10,000

Software engineer: $5,000

Network engineer: $5,000

Measurement: Likes on Facebook will establish how many users visited the company page. It will measure the number of subscribers who viewed and downloaded the videos and their updates. Penetration can also be measured by the number of likes on Pinterest and Tumblr.

Action Plan 3: Sponsor a charity run on healthy heart.

Objective: Attract new customers and retain loyal customers.

Target Market: The market will consist of all age groups.

Description: Izze will sponsor a charity event dubbed Izze heart run. The theme will run for a healthy heart, using Izze sparkling water to quench the thirst of runners. Izze banners will be placed along the circuit, where the runners are going to run. Printed t-shirts would be sold for $20 together with a bottle of Izze sparkling water. A prize of $30,000 would be set for the winner, and a gift hamper of all the Izze products, including t-shirts and caps given at the event. Posters would be supplied to the competition circuit to the list of goods of Izze at the back.

Who: Senior vice president of marketing will be in charge of the organization and the preparation of the event.

Timing: The event will take place on 19th November 2016.

Budget: $200,000

T-shirts: $100,000

Caps: $30,000

Banners: $10,000

Gift hampers: $100,000 (1st winner $30,000, 2nd runners up $20,000 and 3rd runners up $10,000).

Measurement: The promotion will be measured by the number of t-shirts sold, since the prize of t-shirts is inclusive of the water given, plus the shirts and the gift hampers all belong to advertising materials.

Action Plan 4: Contests.

Objective: Attract young kids and their parents.

Target Market: Schools and young school children populated areas.

Description: competition takes place at the municipal stadium, where all age groups are invited, and at the entrance anyone with the kids is given a free cap and Izze sparkling water for the children. Inside the event, there are several games that involve the youths and young children. At each game, there are gift hampers given to the winners and the final winners of all the events would be summed up for the final competition. The winners will contest three stages; one stage will have a winner, who will win by drinking the most of the Izze sparkling juice and water, the second stage will require one to draw a nice Izze sparkling bottle or a can, and the third stage will require one to sing better than others to the enchantments of the crowd. There will be three categories of the winners – children, young adults, and senior citizens.

Who: The regional sales manager will be in charge of all kinds of organizational questions.

Timing: The contest will be held during the weekends on 12th November 2016 and 13th November 2016.

Budget: $23,000

Gifts: $20,000

T-shirts: $2,000

Caps: $1,000

Measurement: The promotion will be measured by the total sales from the two-day contest.

Izze sparkling water will adopt the above action plans to maximize its profits to meet its business strategy of increasing sales and expansion to new customers. The short term and long term marketing implementation plans will propagate the business in the short term, and long term, as the company expands to new markets outside of America. However, the action plans tend to go out of the budget, which can be very risky if the promotion does not return the forecasted sales. Marketing and sales managers of Izze should develop a clear and concise action plan that achieves its goals. Most of the time, the estimated sales are not reached, but advertising to a large group is usually maintained.

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