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May 14th, 2020
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Part A. Genetic Problems: Bi-Polar Disorder

There are various ways to pass a disease or condition from one individual to another. Among those ways is genetic inheritance, which means that children are born with the conditions acquired from their parents.

Abnormalities cause genetic problems in one or more genome. These disorders may be hereditary, or new mutations can occur. Genetic disorders are highly associated with other genes, and they are influenced by the individual’s lifestyle and environment (Mitchell, 2014). Although these disorders can be inherited, there are no specific patterns of inheritance. For example, if a parent suffers from a genetic condition, some of his children might be affected at random. Due to this reason, it becomes hard to determine whether it is risky for a person to inherit the disorder.

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I have a read a story of Mary who lived in New York. One day, when she was four years old, Mary’s aunt bought a toy for her, and the girl wanted to show it to her father. However, Mary’s mother refused to let her into her father’s room, claiming that he was too tired. She never realized that her father was ill until when she was a teenager after he had been hospitalized three times. Nobody had told her that her father was sick. Mary’s father had two sisters and a brother. Her uncle later died in a hunting accident.

Mary learned about bipolar disorder from a friend in college. She delivered a baby at 33 but experienced complications. Later, she started feeling sad and unable to perform simple activities like taking a shower. Her supportive husband took her to the hospital, and she was diagnosed with the condition known as bipolar disorder. After research, she realized that indeed, the condition was in her family, but the family members refused to talk about it, fearing rejection. With her husband’s support, she was willing to fight the disease.

So far, I have not encountered or experienced any genetic issues in my family. However, I will be very cautious and research more about the older family members because most families that have such conditions are not aware of it.

One of my friends had asthma. I decided to talk to her and learn more about this genetic disease. She told me that it had affected at least five of her family members. This condition has no permanent cure, but with proper medication, it can be managed and controlled. However, not all cases of asthma come from genetic inheritance. Some are the result of smoking cigarettes.

Mary’s story was derived from the articles of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The hospital is located in Ohio. The hospital provides medical care for children. It has qualified doctors and other health professionals who work hard to solve health problems including genetic disorders. Among the various illnesses that it helps detect and offer solutions are Down’s syndrome, tracheal rings, and Cleft lip. Checkups can be used to detect any genetic disorders at an early stage. This enables the patient to eliminate the disease or at least manage it before it reaches complex stages.

From this assignment, I have learned how different people understand genetic disorders. Some family members, who are affected by them, are ashamed about this fact, and thus, they fear talking about it. Others seek medical attention and work together to control these disorders. Those, who work together, have better chances of overcoming the conditions.

Although most disorders cannot be cured nor prevented, their control and management are possible. Family members, close friends, and the community as a whole have a role to play in helping those affected by the diseases.

Part B. Physical Safety and Physical Therapy

Nurses, who care for people with mental illness or other mental conditions, for example psychosis and depression, are called mental health nurses or psychiatric nurses. Nurses, who handle mentally ill population, perform various activities, ranging from offering psychological therapies, helping the patients, who sometimes engage in challenging behavior, to administering medication to their patients.

Physical care is one of the major concerns of a nurse who takes care of the mentally ill population. Physical care involves meeting the physical needs of the patients like making sure that the patients are clean every time, and they have proper meals and enough sleep. To make sure that the physical care of the patients is up to required standards, physical safety of nurses and patients is paramount (Fortinash & Holoday-Worret, 2012). Thus, nurses administer certain drugs to boost the memory of patients as well as offer therapy sessions to their patients.

For a patient to recover and have a safe physical care, a nurse has to do some physical therapeutic activities and actions. First, a nurse has to maintain an individualized care with a patient. A nurse should allow a patient to express his or her feelings without judging or blaming them. Sometimes, patients would physically attack other people. A psychiatric nurse should handle such patients with care, not excessive force. This makes them feel important and enhances a positive psychological balance for patients. It fastens recovery, and the nurse understands each patient individually.

Physical care also presupposes that nurses provide support to their patients. This support involves creating a bond between both parties. Activities like taking meals together, reading together, watching movies together, and shopping together can help build this relationship. Close physical contact like shaking hands, for example, has also proved to help patients, especially those suffering from depression, since it allows them to feel loved and appreciated (Schuster & Nykolyn, 2010). They, thus recover faster. However, care and professionalism should always be exercised to prevent the patient from misjudging this bond.

To enhance physical care, a psychiatric nurse should be there and be available for the patient. Nurses should ensure they are near the patients most of the time, if not always. In addition to that, they should be available to spend quality time with their patients. At the same time, patients should share their personal stories, feelings, and plans with nurses. Nurses should ensure confidentiality of the experiences and only share the information when the lives of the patients, other people, or nurses themselves are at risk. From these experiences, nurses can advise their patients as well as understand them. Nurse leadership should ensure that such therapy sessions occur frequently and they are productive.

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National safety goals include identifying patients correctly, improving staff communication, safe use of alarms, and prevention of infection. Other goals involve identifying safety risks and preventing mistakes during surgery. All these goals are aimed at making sure that the physical safety of patients is promoted (The Joint Commission, 2016).

Although various efforts have been made to ensure that mental ill population has a safe physical environment, there is still a need to continue with improvement. The physical safety of patients has not had the attention it requires. Intensive research must be done to ensure that patients are safe. Some mental illnesses can be cured by medication, but they can be prevented and controlled if proper physical safety is maintained at all times. At the same time, some conditions cannot be cured, and thus, patients have to adopt a good lifestyle to control them. In such cases, physical safety would eliminate many harm and risks that could endanger the lives of patients as well as nurses.

Response to First Cross Post

I agree with the idea that people, who have schizophrenia, are feared by nurses and other health practitioners. Their instructor has warned them about dangers of these patients. This shows that there are challenges in making sure that dangers posed by mentally ill patients are not fully eliminated. There are resources that are used to determine the pre-and-post clinical assessment of students taking nursing. Thus, the student develops a clear picture of how to handle patients suffering from schizophrenia while maintaining the safety of nurses at the same time. The student also succeeds in explaining how homelessness relates to mentally ill population. He or she suggests measures that can be taken by nurses to eliminate homelessness at the same time offering therapy assistance to those affected.

Response to Second Cross Post

I agree with the student introducing the topic in a clear way that describes the vital role played by communication in a nursing environment. He or she describes a personal experience with communication in nursing. The student also uses an example to create a scenario, whereby errors occur due to lack of clear communication between nurses. Ways to enhance communication in a nursing environment are explained and effective. Nonmaleficence stands out as a vital measure to curb insecurity.

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