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Family Health Assessment Essay Example

March 24th, 2020
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The family health assessment is an essential component of nursing care because the health of the community begins by empowering households. Nurses focus on the families promoting health and preventing diseases through effective communication (Loghmani, Borhani, and Abbaszadeh, 2014). They also collect relevant information from the family members to identify occurring health problems and risk factors that require treatment and prevention respectively. Usually, some do not have health problems. However, others might be having conditions that affect the functions and health of the household. Therefore, examining the health choices of each family member and the way they contribute to the health of the family is necessary for implementing nursing interventions. This paper examines a Hispanic family consisting of five members and identifies three nursing diagnoses and interventions.

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Family Assessment

Type of the Family

The case under assessment shows a nuclear family since it includes both parents and their biological children. According to Bilal, et al. (2013), a nuclear family is a unit that consists of a wife, husband, and children. The father is 60 years old, and the mother is 59 years old. The firstborn male child is 39 years old. He was followed by a male child who is 29 years old and finally, the last daughter is 23 years old. The family is of Hispanic origin from Cuba that is currently living in Miami. The youngest child is in Cuba.

Roles of the Family

The father is the leader of the family. He is also a sole breadwinner. The sons help in supplementing the income of the family.

Presence of Disease

The family does not have any physical or psychological conditions that affect its functions. However, the father had colon surgery related to diverticulitis but recovered from it. Despite that, the family is healthy.

Living Situation

The family lives in a well-ventilated house in a clean surrounding. There are no environmental hazards such as excess noise and air pollution in the locality. The father is the primary contributor to the finances, but the sons also help in supporting the family. Thus, the members maintain adequate living conditions.

Age-Appropriate Developmental Tasks

The parents report no abnormality in the children’s developmental milestones. The children had reached physical maturity by the age of twenty. Additionally; they are now independent and committed to their careers and individual lives. However, they still support their parents emotionally and financially when it is necessary.

Individual Development and Stress

Each member of the family offers necessary involvement in the developmental tasks, thereby creating no stress in the household. According to the Erickson developmental stages documented by Gilleard and Higgs, the eldest son, who is a nurse, is emotionally and physically mature as well as the second-born son (2016). The daughter lives in Cuba and is also physically and emotionally mature.

Current Developmental Stage in the Family

The family is in the middle age stage. According to DeFrain et al. (2012), the middle age family focuses on marriage relationship and maintains connections with younger adults. Additionally, it involves planning and adjusting to retirement. The parents are working on it. The family does not have any role strains within this stage. Parents also report that the family transitioned well from unattached adulthood to the middle age without any problems.

Genetic Predisposition to Disease

Children in the family are predisposed to diverticulitis. Strate et al. (2013) conducted a study in which they had estimated that in a family with diverticulitis, there is a 53% chance that children will develop the disease. In this family, the children are at risk as opposed to the mother, whose history of chronic illness is unknown.

Immunization Status

The mother reports that no child missed immunizations. The immunization schedules are also up to date for all children. However, the parents cannot remember all their immunizations since childhood.

Child or Adolescence Experiencing Problems

The family does not have a teenage child. The parents also report of no abnormalities when the children went through adolescence stage.

Hospital Admission

The father was admitted for colon cancer surgery due to diverticulitis. Family members visited him in the hospital on a daily basis except the daughter who lives in Cuba. Additionally, they cared for him until he recovered. They also report helping each other whenever they are in need.

Models of Family Communication

The family employs both interactive and transactional models of communication. The interactive approach is useful when members are at home. However, they mostly spend their time apart. Thus, the transactional model becomes paramount. All family members are satisfied with the models of communication and report having no problems with them.


All family members contribute to the decisions made in the family. Despite the fact that father makes most decisions, the family must agree before they implement them. According to the family members, there were some disagreements, but they solved them during family gatherings.

Violence and Discipline

The family members report no violence among them. The father says he used to discipline the children using corporal punishment when they were young. However, he currently guides and counsels them whenever the family experiences any issues. The mother also says the family has never violence.

Dealing with Crisis

The family has developed friendships with other families in the neighborhood who help in case of any problem. Similarly, the family attends the church where friends can come to pray for the family during the times of crisis. After surgery in the hospital, the father had several family friends and neighbors visiting him. The church members also visit to pray with him.

Cultural and Religious Factors Influencing Family Health and Social Status

The family reports that no cultural beliefs influence the decisions of the family on health. Additionally, the members state that their religion does not affect their decisions on health. The father says that the choice to follow proper health habits is determined by the advice they receive at the hospital. Consequently, the family consumes food properly in the dining room. Socially, the family is health in high regard because they are involved in the neighborhood and pursue the church values.

Family Goals

The father says that his biggest goal for the family is to see his children having succeeded in life. He wants them to live healthier and happier. All children stated that they intended to do their best not to hurt the parents.

Internal and External Support

The internal support is based on the family members themselves who contribute immensely when the family has problems. The external support involves neighbors, church members, and family friends who can help whenever the family is in need.

Role Conflict

The family does not report on any role conflict.

Emergency Plan to Deal with Disasters

The family has contacts of the nearest hospital to reach it in the case of illness. Similarly, they have established communication with the neighboring community, which is their primary way of dealing with disasters.

Nursing Diagnoses

The first diagnosis for this family relates to a healthy lifestyle. According to Boeing et al. (2012), vegetables and fruits play a significant role in promoting health and preventing the development of cancer. The siblings in this family are exposed to diverticulitis, a predisposing factor to colon cancer. Therefore, their choices of consuming more vegetables in the diet, according to the food pyramid, can help them avoid the disease.

The second diagnosis for the family concerns the enhanced knowledge about diseases due to the presence of the nurse in the household. Kemppainen, Tossavainen, and Turunen (2013) ascertain that nurses successfully promote health through education of families about diseases. The nurse in this household contributes to the prevention and management of illnesses.

The last diagnosis is based on the risk for colon cancer. The susceptibility to colon cancer still exists in the family because a positive family history of diverticulitis mainly contributes to colon cancer (Oh, et al., 2013). Colon cancer is heritable in families, in particular among male children (Freedman, & Pomerantz, 2011). Therefore, two sons are highly susceptible to diverticulitis and colon cancer as opposed to the daughter.

Planning and Interventions

A plan of care for this family should prioritize the implementation of the health practices of its members. They have proper health-seeking behavior. Additionally, they have appropriate knowledge regarding the management of diseases and prevention of diverticulitis and colon cancer. Consequently, Kemppainen et al. (2013) state that the role of a nurse in such informed and healthy families is to advise them to continue upholding better health practices. The nurse can also schedule follow-up visits to examine the progress of the family with their decisions.


Analysis of the family in this paper shows that early identification of chronic illnesses and proper management of diseases can lead to the improvement in the health of the household. The family history shows that the father had colon surgery due to diverticulitis but recovered from it. The health choices of the family to have a healthy diet indicate that the members make appropriate health decisions. The risk diagnosis for colon cancer, especially among the male children, and other two wellness diagnosis are acceptable in this case. The responsibility of the nurse is to do a follow-up and make sure that the family members uphold their choices to maintain proper health.

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