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October 30th, 2020
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Concept of the Restaurant

The future restaurant is going to be an organic one, which means that it will care for the environment as well as the people and will be specialized on the organic foods produced without the use of harmful substances and additives. Nowadays, the deficit of natural products that does not have in their composition harmful additives and dyes, is one of the most urgent problems. The world organic food consumption trends have already been formed: a lot of people are willing to eat fresh and healthy products. As a result, the restaurants specializing on the dishes from organic products are in demand. Without a doubt, this business trend is to be more and more popular every year.

In order to realize the concept to the full extent, all the details must be thoroughly considered, even the materials for the decoration of the restaurant have to be selected properly. The interior will be made from natural materials, specifically, wood, stone, and leather. The premises will be the most harmonious in soft natural tones with a lot of light. Moreover, all interior decorations will be chosen according to the environmental safety and purity standards. The style of the restaurant is rustic, which is close to the concept.

The restaurant will be democratic and of the casual dining type. It will offer good food, quality service, and reasonable prices. The facility will work from 8 am till 11 pm because the target market includes the people who will stay there till night. The number of sits is sixty, with 5m2 for a person; thus, the main hall of the restaurant will be near 300m2.

The type of ownership is sole proprietorship, which means that one person will be liable for all the debts of the company. Such type of ownership is beneficial because it is easy to establish and requires comparatively lower start-up costs.

Business Plan

The credo of the company is naturalness and environmental friendliness. Therefore, the management directs all its efforts on complying with this main purpose. The company will promote friendly atmosphere and will focus on families as well as individuals. In todays world, families are oriented on earning income, this is why parents do not have time to prepare dinner for their children, and they wish to go to some place to eat. Moreover, parents care for their children; consequently, they would prefer organic food to unhealthy fast-food for their kids. Individual consumers are small or medium-sized business representatives that usually leave boring offices to have lunch, as well as dieting women who want to stay fit eating healthy food. The age of target market is 30-50 years old, with the income $36,000 60,000. The restaurant expects to receive its biggest earnings from individuals who live in the area where the eating place is situated. In particular, the restaurant will be located in New York; although there is a big amount of healthy restaurants and bars, they are usually vegan and vegetarian, and rarely organic. The biggest competitors of the restaurant would be ABC Kitchen, Siggys Good Food, and Organic Soul Cafe (Yelp, n.d.).

The company will be small: the management board will consist of the Chief Executive, HR, and the owner rolled into one. This person is responsible for hiring skilled personnel. The personnel is going to include chef that has a great experience in working with organic food, sous-chef, six assistants, two cleaning women, eight waiters, and two barmen. Thus, the total number of personnel will be 21.

The restaurant business would require many expenses. Thus, the primary costs would include registration of various documents (near $5,000), repair of premises, installation of air conditioning and ventilation systems (near $20,000), purchase of equipment (near $25,000), and purchase of furniture as well as interior items (near $15,000). The monthly costs will include premises for rent (near $3,000) (The Square Food, n.d.), salaries for the staff (approximately $50,000), operating costs (near $3,000), and marketing costs (near $1,500). The average sum in the check for one person is expected to be $50. The occupancy is expected to be 75% and the average mark-up 250%. Thus, in three years the investment in the restaurant will be paid back. The risk is associated with the increased competition, inflation, political situation, etc., the factors which can negatively influence financial assumptions and increase the expenses.


The restaurant is going to be located in New York. It is one of the most populous cities in the United Sates, which increases the number of possible customers. It is also the place with the huge number of cars and technologies such air conditioners that pollute the environment. As a result, people may become tired of those unhealthy conditions and want to eat organic food in order to maintain their health. Besides, in New York live conscious people who also care about their appearance. New York is in top ten states in organic sales counting $164 million (Chow, 2015). Moreover, New York is a high income state where 53.1% of families have income within $35,000 and $149,999 yearly, and thus, can afford to go to our restaurant (United States Census Bureau, n.d.). The families with higher incomes may prefer visiting more luxurious restaurants. Besides, in New York there are more than 50% of females aged 16 years and over, from all population employed, who have work and wish to be fit and who are employed, and thus, can afford going to the restaurant. Additionally, the average age of population is 35 years, which is the companys target market.

In New York itself, the restaurant will be located in the Brooklyn Heights. First of all, there is a large concentration of business centers. Secondly, there are no direct competitors in this area as the vast majority of them are located in Chelsea and Gramercy on Manhattan. Third, this part of New York may be inhabited by the medium income families. Finally, in Brooklyn might live a lot of families that would like to eat healthy food at medium prices. Moreover, the place is usually crowded as it is located near the river. The transport another beneficial factor of the restaurants location.

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The main principle of the restaurant is a healthy diet. The menu of the future restaurant will consist of 50 different dishes and 60 various beverages including a rich wine list. Thus, the range will be quite wide. The wider the range of the dishes and the more diverse they are, the better it is for the image of the restaurant, and the bigger number of visitors it will attract. The products from which the dishes will be prepared will be entirely natural. Their composition must not contain dyes, preservatives, GMOs and harmful additives. For the preparation of these dishes, the chef will use exclusively fat-free meat, low-calorie sauces, and only fresh fruits and vegetables.

The menu will be planned in details. The dishes will have only original names in order to avoid triviality and attract visitors because one definitely wants to try the dish with a sonorous and unusual name. The restaurants menu will also be seasonal meaning that it will correspond each particular season. At the same time, the most popular dishes as well as the specialties of the house will remain unchanged. Additionally, considering the families as the target market, the restaurants menu will also include childrens menu.

Therefore, the sample layout of menu would be as follows:

  • All kinds of fresh juices and mixes of them 5-15$
  • Smoothies – vegetables, fruit, dairy, green 10-15$
  • Italian espresso and drinks based on it (including chilled for the summer) 5-15$
  • Spicy or spicy-tangy hot chocolate in the best traditions of the Maya ~ 10$
  • Traditional drinks of different countries: milk lassi, yoga, tea, masala tea, Puer (including brewed with milk), coffee in the sand, “golden milk” with turmeric~ 15$
  • Exquisite desserts (cherry pie, sorbets)~ 30-40$
  • Raw sweets and treats~ 30$
  • Burgers with natural ingredients (mushrooms, parmesan, mozzarella, oregano, spinach, etc.)~ 30-50$
  • Salads~ 40$
  • Pizzas (with buffalo, spinach, brussels sprouts)~ 30$
  • Pastas (with herbs and tomato sauce, tomato and buffalo, etc.)~ 40-60$

Layout and Equipment of the Kitchen

The kitchen of the restaurant will be 300m2 in order to place all the equipment, to leave enough space for free movements, and keep the required by the law standards (Behmen, n.d.). The place is going to be ergonomic in order to minimize the unnecessary movements; therefore, the designers will resort to the island style configuration of the kitchen what includes the large table in the middle where the food is cooked, and other stands under the wall where the products will be cut and so on. The kitchen will be also easy to maintain; thus, instead of using cabinets for the food, the cooks will utilize shelves. Moreover, the important aspect is ventilation that will be very powerful in order to reduce the smell.

The organic restaurant does not require any special equipment. For an effective work of the restaurant, it is necessary to provide it with such mandatory equipment as stoves, surfaces for frying, grills, frying and cooking cabinets, etc. Additionally, there will be a need to purchase such supporting equipment tables for cutting meat, vegetables, rolling out the dough; sinks for different purposes, several refrigerators, etc.

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