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April 2nd, 2020
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October, 10, 2014


Director of Human Resources

Aramco Limited Company

Alaflaj, KSA

Saudi Arabia 05911

Dear Ms._:

Kindly find hereby an attachment of my resume as an application for the position of human resource assistant, which you advertised last week on the company’s website. I am confident that I am able to handle the job due to the vast knowledge I have garnered both in school and during work. For instance, I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Recourse Management. The courses have been very educational and have empowered me in the sphere of the personnel management. Moreover, as my resume reveals, I have previously worked for an oil company where I obtained necessary management skills and improved my computer knowledge. For example, I can comfortably use Microsoft Word and Excel programs.

I am a purpose-driven person with high commitment to work. I consider that my presence in your corporation will be of immense advantage to the company’s well-being. Additionally, I have to admit that I am open-minded and flexible in the case of change. In my previous employment my colleagues acknowledged my learning skills. I have also interacted with many employees, which has ultimately sharpened my interrelationship skills. My abilities to be tolerant and cope with diverse situations have been the top strengths at every step of my life.

The attached resume will provide better details about my academic ground, skills and achievements.

Finally, I would love to express my anticipation of bringing my knowledge and experience to your company. Consequently, I am keen to schedule an interview with you for further discussion concerning my application. I will call you on Wednesday.

Yours sincerely,


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