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Health Prevention and Immunizations/Vaccinations

Running head: HEALTH PREVENTION AND IMMUNIZATIONS/VACCINATIONS 1 HEALTH PREVENTION AND IMMUNIZATIONS/VACCINATIONS 5 Immunization is one of the most important components of community health.

Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

Abstract In this paper, the explanation of why nuclear power should be considered as a response action to the climate change issue is discussed. A clear view of nuclear power as a clean, affordable, and secure form of energy is elaborated. The potentiality of nuclear power in the mitigation of climate change is explained. The … Continue reading Nuclear Energy and Climate Change

Racial Identity Development

Section 1 According to International Students Identity Development Stages under Peter Adlers Model, I am at the independence stage in the racial identity development having lived in America for the last five years. I am at the stage where I have learned to understand and accept the diversity of the American and my Arabian culture. … Continue reading Racial Identity Development

Flu Shot in High Risk Population

Flu Shot in High Risk Population. A Case Scenario Flu is a common term for influenza disease caused by the influenza virus whose symptoms get considered as mild. They include high fever, a running nose, sore throat, muscle pains, and a feeling of fatigue. Influenza is an infection that is highly contagious with a spreading … Continue reading Flu Shot in High Risk Population

Family-Centered Healthcare

The case of David Stevenson was among the first cases where I had to attend to a fatal condition using the family-centered care system. The boy was six years old and suffered from a chronic lung disease and the paralysis of the vocal cord, and had recurrent aspiration just when he had joined the first … Continue reading Family-Centered Healthcare

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is widespread in many countries of the world and consists in the use of different alternative techniques for healing patients. Massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, manual physical therapy, spinal mobilization and osteopathic manipulation are the main types of manual therapy helping in the treatment of back pain, headache, and others. It appeared many years … Continue reading Manual Therapy

SWOT Analysis Seattle Childrens Hospital

Modern healthcare organizations are currently facing challenges in technology, reforms, finances, customer satisfaction and even government requirements in the conditions of escalating competition. In this case, it is crucial for the CEOs of healthcare institutions to evaluate their directive in the form of strategic planning as a requirement for an ongoing endurance in a demanding … Continue reading SWOT Analysis Seattle Childrens Hospital

Genetic Testing Term Paper

Genetic Testing in Assisted Reproduction Introduction In the practice of obstetrics and gynecology, genetic testing plays a greater role. For medical professionals to provide patients with the highest quality of care, they ought to familiarize themselves with a new available range of genetic tests and their limitations. Moreover, physicians should be able to ascertain patients … Continue reading Genetic Testing Term Paper

Personal Statement for Pharmacy

Biology has always been my passion. I found it particularly interesting to learn the laws and principles of the living organisms development. I adored participating in the school projects and getting the essential knowledge which fired my imagination and made me move forward in this field. Growing older, I decided to transform my hobby into … Continue reading Personal Statement for Pharmacy

Ventricular Septal Defect

Introduction A diagnosis of a congenital heart disease was more of an anatomical finding than a clinical condition in the past. Until the beginning of the 20th century, congenital heart disorders had been rarely recognized in live individuals and even heart atlases were addressed rather to pathologists than clinicians (Freedom, Yoo, Mikailian, Williams, 2003). The … Continue reading Ventricular Septal Defect