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Event Plan and the Risk Associated with Your Event

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Wine Trade Show at the Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex: Event Plan and Associated Risks

Wine Trade Show 2017 at the Rhode Island Convention Center (RICC): The Exhibition Halls B and C

The Rhode Island Convention & Entertainment Complex (RICEC) is a perfect place to organize a Wine Trade Show 2017. The RICEC “the RICC, Dunkin’ Donuts Center (DDC), Veterans Memorial Auditorium (The Vets), and two parking garages.” (About RICCA). The presence of two parking garages is definitely a positive characteristic of the place, because guests will not have to waste time, while looking where to park their vehicles.

Among the enumerated facilities, which the RICCA includes, RICC is the most appropriate place for organizing a show. As it is indicated “the RICC contains 100,000 square feet of flexible meeting and convention space and directly connected to the 564-room Omni Providence Hotel.” (2). Moreover, a team of workers of the RICC has a big experience in organizing conventions, meetings and trade shows (Providence, Rhode Island 2). Thus, a hotel for the visitors, who arrive from far away, and skillful personnel make the RICC a good choice for the show.

Wine trade show does not require the entire area. Exhibition Halls B and C on the third floor of the building will be enough to locate all the booths and settle the guests, because: (1) each of them is 28,560 sq. ft.; (2) the halls offer a good layout for 150 booths (Providence. Rhode Island 3); (3) due to the rectangular form of halls and entrances on both sides, all booths will be equally noticeable. The show will be organized on January 14-15, will start at 10 a.m. and end at 8 p.m. Each exhibition stall will offer wines and snacks, organize wine testing and contests with prizes. The rent for each booth will be set for two days. Therefore, a convenient layout of the halls and proper organization of the event will make the show a success.

Event Plan

Any properly organized exhibition or trade show needs a plan to make all exhibitors and guests feel comfortable. First of all, it is important to define that both Exhibition Halls B and C have three entrances and three exits. One of them leads to an elevator and two others lead to the stairs. This fact facilitates a big number of people quickly entering the halls and leaving them. Moreover, each exhibition hall has an overhead door for the delivery of the goods and facilities for the trade show. The fact that the RICC is located in the center of Providence makes it easy for guests not only from Rhode Island but from other states to find it and for the trucks to reach it and deliver everything, which the trade show participants need.

The approximate number of visitors together with the exhibitors will be 2500 for each hall. The representatives of each booth will tell how many exhibitors they will have and on the basis of this data, a certain number of invitations will be send to visitors. As a rule, there are not more than three-four exhibitors. As it was stated above, the entire square area of the halls is enough to organize the show. The number of people is calculated, taking into account a possibility for them not only to stand, but also to sit at tables, which will be commonly organized by the trade show representatives and the local workers, and enjoy drinks and snacks and make some notes. As the trade show will start in the morning and end in the evening, all guests will not stay in the halls for the entire day. The biggest number of people is expected to be present at the beginning of the exhibition till approximately 3 p.m.

As it is located in Providence, Rhode Island, the events, which take place at the venue, are meetings, training sessions, trade shows and conventions (2). The trade show participants will mostly decide who will take part in their show as they will send invitations. The visitors will be their present and potential customers, partners, wine business owners and their friends. The administration of the hall will also receive a number of tickets. Such events frequently take place there (Providence, Rhode Island 2). The mission statement of the trade show should be based on the fact that a perfect location and comfortable conditions will give all guests a chance to objectively evaluate wines and choose the best product to buy. The slogan of the trade show may sound like “Enjoy best wines in the comfortable atmosphere of the RICC.”

Risk Prevention and Security Issues

The scale of the planned wine trade show is vast and this fact is the reason why all security risks should be taken into consideration. The representatives of the companies, taking part in the show, will definitely offer some free wine to visitors to taste and evaluate. Drink control should be tough in this case. First of all, the exhibitors should watch the visitors, who approach them for the second and for the third time and choose an appropriate method to refuse a drink to them, if they see that this visitor can quickly become drunk. The process of drink control requires additional security guards, whose services will be offered by the RICC.

The issue of transportation is very important for the planned event, because all products should be safely delivered to the location. The participants of the trade show will either have their own transport or ask the RICC to provide some for an additional payment. The RICC should appoint separate security guards to stand near the overhead doors and to watch the unloading process. As it was mentioned above, the transport junction close to the RICC is good and the transport will not have any problems to approach the building.

It is important to note that security services, given by the RICC during the show, should be included into the contract with each participant or agreed upon before the show. It is stated in Trade show that “exhibit halls can be a magnet for pilferage and espionage.” (67). Both the administration of the halls and the participants should avoid these issues. First of all, each booth should be secured. It is important to check each one before the show starts and after it ends. For this purposes enough security guards should be appointed (Trade show 67). The most appropriate number will be one officer per three booths. There will be a total of 50 guards in each hall. Theft is common for trade shows. Besides the services, which are offered by the RICC, it is important for the participants to use common sense “Be proactive and take the precaution of safeguarding all your promotional items in a locked storage container. Be careful not to display any freebies until right before the show is scheduled to open.” (Trade show 71). Thus, a show security should be ensured by common efforts.
Taking into consideration all the enumerated possibilities of violating the security of the wine trade show, a plan of possible solutions for each participant will include: (1) contracted or agreed security services of the RICC; (2) individual risk preventive measures of each participant, namely proper packaging and safe delivery; (3) the RICC appointing a number of security officers, who will check the security of all booths and be connected, using radio sets. The present event plan will make the wine trade show 2017 at the RICC a real success.

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