Effective Communication Ideas

March 31st, 2017

Effective CommunicationThink of modern communication. It happens online more often than in real life.
Some might consider this as a terrible mistake; some might praise the achievements of modern technologies. Anyway, we use email, texting, chats, and online messages to communicate with other people. Despite all circumstances or variables of the situation, everyone makes the same huge mistake. The sooner you realize it and fix it, the better you build relationships with people you talk to. Do you want to know what that mistake is? It is emotional communication via any kind of text messages.

Unfortunate mistakes to avoid

Online communication is created for direct information, which cannot be influenced by the emotional shades. This point of view may seem boring and pragmatic, but in fact, it helps to avoid communication difficulties.
Have you ever misunderstood someone’s message, because you read it with your own intonation, while the author meant different way? Have you ever thought you’re being ignored, and then it appears the person hasn’t received your message? Have you ever failed with message interpretation, because you couldn’t possibly know what the sender meant?
All these situations are the unpleasant results of using emotional communication online.

Here are 4 reasons why they happen:

  • Mistakes in your message. I’m sure you already know how it happens accidentally, with clumsy fingers, wrong predicted words or crazy abbreviation. Another kind of a catastrophe is a wrong receiver. The worst part, you realize the failure when the message is already sent.
  • Unreliable transmission. Despite the highest level of communicating technologies, you can’t be 100% sure the receiver will get your message. If there’s no chance to check the transmission (via email) you never know if you’re being ignored, or the letter got into a spam box, or it failed to transmit.
  • The text doesn’t have intonation. The most common misunderstanding, in this case, is sarcasm. “Great!” – can be interpreted in both ways, you may not guess what the author meant. Moreover, face expressions, gestures, a tone of voice are unavailable, while reading the message.
  • You don’t see the other person. It’s much harder to communicate in reality because the other person can see your mimics, analyze your body language and what’s more you have eye contact. Real communication makes you empathize with others and feel what they feel.

Don’t be afraid to be real with other people. You’re gonna like that kind of communication. It’s much more valuable and deep.

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