Best Way to Meet People in College: Choosing the Right Place

March 28th, 2017

Best Places to Make FriendsCollege is an excellent place to make lifelong connections. What you should pay attention to, when looking for your future lifelong friends? The location is the key.

Where to Find Friends: Top 8 Options

1) Dorms. Make as many friends as possible right on the day when you move in. That’s the greatest day to make new acquaintances because people are more open to it. Look for open doors and common rooms to approach new people. Even after the first couple of days, being open and friendly will let you find new friends. While staying in your room, keep your door opened. This way people will see that you are ready to make new friends.

2) Networking. If you have just one friend, you can ask him or her to introduce you to other people whom they think you might get along with. This is how you can build your network of friends starting with a single connection.

3) Joining. The college offers a lot of opportunities to join people who share similar interests. Look for: sports teams, groups, clubs, academic or social sororities, or religious organizations that you find interesting.

4) Study Groups. You definitely have something in common with people in your class. You can either join a study group or organize one yourself. Study groups are a great way to study and get to know each other better.
5) Volunteer. One of the great ways to make lifelong friends is to volunteer. Find a good cause, make sure that you are passionate about it, and join a respective volunteering organization.

6) Part-Time Job. The job doesn’t just mean cash and experience. It also means news connections. Great way to make new friends in college is to find a part-time job on the campus. You can try convenience shops, bookstores, or campus newspaper.

7) Common Areas. If you’re working on a homework assignment that’s not so difficult, you can work on it in a common area on the campus.

8) Events. Visit various campus events where there is a high probability to meet new interesting people. Be sure to join events when you are invited. You never know where you will find new friends.

These tips for college students will definitely help you make new friends!

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