Are you Ready for St. Patrick’s Day?

March 17th, 2017

Are you Ready for St. Patrick's Day?Despite the early spring, the world turns green on March 17. St. Patrick’s Day rejuvenates people after the winter, gives them new hope, and encourages to have fun.
Of course, many people don’t study history or honor the patron saint of Ireland. They just like the brightness of the holiday, leprechaun costumes, and energetic Irish dancing. On the one hand, hilarious celebrations with beer and food contradict the main idea of the holiday, which is the conversion of the pagan Irish to Christianity. On the other hand, it is believed that St. Patrick let the indigenous people combine Paganism with Christianity.
Let’s learn to celebrate this wonderful event that glorifies Irish cultural heritage.

Ways to Make this Celebration Unforgettable

1. Dive into History. St. Patrick’s Day observance has been common among Irish people over the last millennium. In the late 18th century, Irish diaspora in the USA initiated picturesque parades, which later inspired other countries.

Discover some biographical facts about the patron saint of Ireland:
He was born to affluent parents in Britain. There was no sign that his fate would be extraordinary. Yet, when the boy was 16, Irish pirates put the snatch on him and sold into slavery. The servitude didn’t warp his life but contributed to his spiritual development. Six years later, he managed to break away and come back home where he meticulously studied Christianity. He had several visions that motivated him to become a Christian missionary and even return to the land of his enslavement. He knew that his sacred mission was to educate the pagans, revealing a genuine religion. As the Bishop, he dedicated 30 years to building churches, hermitages, and schools. In order to make ordinary people comprehend his teachings, he used a shamrock as a visual metaphor for the Holy Trinity. This way, the parishioners started to wear shamrocks to church services.

2. Wear Green. This beautiful refreshing color embodies the renaissance of nature and Ireland itself. You can experiment with your green look, wearing emerald dresses with Celtic symbols or embroidered shamrocks and even cheerful leprechaun’s costumes. For a minimalistic look, it’s enough to wear shamrock pins, green ribbons, or green t-shirts with Irish sayings.

3. Master Irish Dance and Music. Irish dancing is spectacular. If it’s impossible to find Irish dance classes in your vicinity, try professional video tutorials online. A few original steps will be enough to impress your friends.
Okay, we know that for some people it’s better to sing than to dance. If you’re gifted with a pleasant voice, learn Irish folk songs and become a star of St. Patrick’s Day!

4. Visit Ireland. The best way to feel the quintessence of this holiday is to travel to the authentic Emerald Isle. There you can taste traditional Irish food, such as roast dinner, apple tart, and soda bread (and not only corned beef and cabbage). If you’re lucky enough, there’s a chance to meet some locals that would be eager to tell old stories about St. Patrick and beautiful legends about Irish fairies.
Wherever that may be, we wish you to enjoy the main Irish feast of the year!

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