America’s Best Summer Vacation Spots

July 12th, 2016

According to the research, 59% of American citizens are planning a vacation this year. Many US tourists confess they like visiting Chicago only during one season in a year. Julie Fogel, a Miami public relations expert, prefers seeing Chicago’s attractions in summer, when the city becomes lively and the weather is perfect for long walks.

Fantastic places to visit in US

  1. Chicago beaches. Visit them in July and you will be pleased to see how many people enjoy summer heat and evening sunset at Chicago beaches. In addition, it is impossible to feel bored here, since many activities are specifically designed for beach relaxation.
  2. Chicago shopping malls. Chicago deserves to be among the top 20 best holiday destinations, since it also attracts tourists by alluring shopping spots. In Chicago, one may find amazing malls that offer exclusive garments at affordable prices.
  3. Kansas City festivals. This is a place for true music lovers and fans of genuine American music style. Apart from that, many street festivals are considered Kansas City’s best tourist attractions due to their authentic cuisine. For those tourists who prefer enjoying summer breeze, Kansas City offers to spend a day at the beach having a barbeque.
  4. New England city cuisine. You may say that there is nothing better than a lobster prepared by a Portland chef. You are wrong. New England city offers tourist to try its fantastic cuisine whose quality does not give way to Portland. In addition, the locals are incredibly friendly and always ready to party.
  5. WaterFire Providence. This festival is truly something. You will surely remember it for the rest of your life. Watching the city’s rivers in lights will take your breath away.
  6. Minneapolis Aquatennial. Although the views of rivers in lights are not as majestic as in Providence, Aquatennial is also an amazing festival. It fascinates tourists with numerous activities, parades, and fireworks.

We are so glad that winter is finally over and it is time to plan a vacation. Choose one of the best holiday destinations and Chicago’s tourist attractions provided in the article and your summer will not be spent in vain.

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