All You Need to Know about Presidents’ Day

February 22nd, 2017


Much as I like winter holidays, I cannot help feeling depressed once they end. If you are anything like me, you know how painful it is to get back to work after the never-ending celebrations of Christmas and the New Year.
However, it is too early to get sad because there is another great holiday that will give you a chance to have a prolonged weekend this winter. It is Presidents’ Day. However, do not take it as just another extra day off. If you are a conscious citizen, you must know the origins of this holiday. So, let’s not waste time and see what Presidents’ Day is about.

General Information

At first, it was a holiday honoring George Washington as the first President of the United States, which was celebrated for the first time on February 22, 1885. However, with time, it turned into the national holiday honoring President Lincoln, as well. As the date was not appropriate any longer, it was agreed to celebrate Presidents’ Day on the third Monday of February, which also provided the government with the opportunity to establish three-days-off weekend. The workers met the following idea with great enthusiasm. To save you from leafing through the calendars, I will tell you that the next Presidents’ Day will be celebrated on February 20, so you may now make plans for your three-days-weekend.

Why do We Honor George Washington?

We all know that George Washington was the first President of the USA, but what do we know about his life before he took the office? First of all, he was a great military man, who showed his worth in the French and Indian War. No wonder that he was chosen to be a commander in chief of the Continental Army when it came to war between the UK and colonies. Despite all the nasty impediments, he managed to bring his army to victory. For his outstanding achievements, George Washington was awarded with the six-star general rank. Still, he became the President not only due to his military success but also due to his great contribution to the development of democracy and independence, namely – writing the U.S. Constitution.

Why do We Honor Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln is vastly respected for his fight against slavery. Given that some Confederate states did not share his views, Lincoln saw no other way but to outlaw slavery with the help of the Constitution, in particular the 13th Amendment, which forbade slavery. Consequently, he managed to succeed at the expense of his own life.
America has come a long way to being independent and enjoying the human rights. It is our duty to preserve the achievements of the great men who provided us with these opportunities.

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