A Brief History of Thanksgiving

November 23rd, 2017

Brief History of Thanksgiving

The roots of Thanksgiving go back to the times when pilgrims came to America and were greeted by the Indians. Later, all these people mixed into the nation of modern Americans. It is interesting that the history of this holiday is based on the story of the thankful Pilgrims’ feast at Plymouth (USA).

The group of the Pilgrims from Plymouth (England), who sailed on a ship Mayflower, arrived in the ‘New World’ on September 6, 1620. They created their new community and elected their first governor John Carver. They named their new settlement in the same way, as the port city in England from where they had come. This place had lots of resources and was suitable for further habitation. Moreover, the local people were friendly and hospitable. However, Pilgrims’ happiness was very short.

The newcomers did not have the necessary resources to face the winter. Nevertheless, the Indians gave them the food. They also taught them how to grow and store vegetables and corns. Thanks to such knowledge, the Pilgrims were able to survive in the next winter too. They wanted to celebrate this. There was a huge community feast. The Pilgrims and Indians celebrated together. They ate corns and vegetables, fish and deer… and the wild turkey!

The third year was very hard. The governor ordered a day of prayer and everything changed. The rain stopped and the corns were not damaged. November 29 became the day of Thanksgiving.

Firstly, Thanksgiving was celebrated on the last Thursday of November, but sometimes it was too close to the Christmas, so the date of celebrating was changed on the fourth Thursday of November.

So, why the turkey became the most significant icon of the holiday? This bird has the meat of the excellent quality and is very popular in North America and Europe. Benjamin Franklin even wanted to replace the Bald Eagle by this bird. There is no evidence that the turkey was served at the first feast of Thanksgiving, but now it has become an absolutely necessary part of the Thanksgiving tradition.
Enjoy the holiday and its history!

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