7 Types of Your Classmates: how to Find Approach to Each of them

May 17th, 2016

types-of-peopleAfter the semester is in full swing, this is the best time to create new friends among your peers. There are different types of students, and you need to be careful not to mingle with the wrong pack. Some students try to create a lasting impression and can be annoying at some point.

Annoying classmates and how to handle them

✓The overly competitive students: These are the students who have all the answers and are not afraid of answering out loud when the teacher asks a question. When you are feeling dumb, such students can be annoying. However, you can handle them by ignoring them.

✓The clown in your class: This is a student or students who want to be funny and sometimes they are not as funny as they may think they are. You will find them sited near the front of lecture halls anxiously waiting for a chance to give a funny comment. Although some of their antics can be funny, they can also be annoying especially when you are in a bad mood. The best way to handle such students is by ignoring them. However, if you are severely annoyed, feel free to ask them to keep quiet. You can also choose to approach the teacher for administrative action if you are very bothered.

✓The detached students: Most of their time they are typing furiously on their mobile phones while the ears are blocked with big headphones. Such students also like sitting in the back of the class and rarely listen to the teacher and when they are asked questions, they ignore the teacher or answer with an obnoxious response. The best way to handle such students is to concentrate on your teachers and not to the annoying presence of the ignorant students. When he or she is asked a question, you can pull away the headphones or grab the phone. You can also grab their mobile phones if they are destructing you from concentrating in class. Some of them are very oblivious of other students that they will go ahead and watch animation during class time.

✓The shy ones: These students are also fond of sitting in the corner and rarely talk. When they do talk, they are not audible, and they are most of the time whispering. Such students avoid other students and do not participate in group discussions. They are also group project slackers and will find any excuse to do as little work as possible in the group project. If you are in the same group with students of this nature, you will have a difficult time trying to get them to speak up. However, you can try your best to extract information from them without shutting them out. You can also give them simple tasks such as creating citations. Remember to get updates on the progress of the work or you will find they left the work incomplete.

✓The clueless students: Sometimes you may wonder why you are in the same class with such students because most of the time they are not aware of what is going on. After the teacher has explained something, their hands will always be up asking endless questions. A few students will knowingly feign cluelessness to prey upon the youthful teachers without worrying that class time is draining away. Their clueless questions will cause humor to some students while others will get annoyed due to this distraction. The most appropriate way to handle such students is to ignore the explanations being given by the teacher to the clueless student and use that time to do your homework or get ahead in class.

✓The chatterbox: These students are always talking even when the teacher is in class teaching. They will try and distract other students from what they are doing so that they can listen to their endless stories of what they did the previous night. The annoying thing is that they will narrate the same story every week. Ignore such students completely and to the best of your abilities. If you are forced to work with them on a group assignment, do not be afraid of putting her in line and giving her some tasks to do.

✓The dreamboat: This can be your crash, and you will be distracted by his or her looks, and you find yourself always staring at them while you are supposed to be concentrating in class. Ignore them and focus your attention on your teacher. When you are given group assignments with such students, you should try your best not to fall prey and find yourself losing concentration.

There are many different students in your class and some can fit in the above types while others don’t. All of them have their moments of unbearable annoyance and greatness, and you might find your friend among some of the groups above. Handle all of them with care.

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