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AIDS is a serious, if not the greatest, health concern of the current century, and it has a huge influence over social life, politics, and economics. It is an urgent problem that needs to be addressed by the governments, and this is what Chinese government is trying to do. The article “China’s Evolving AIDS Policy: The Influence of Global Norms and Transnational Non-Governmental Organizations” by Kaufman describes the current political and social climate in the country, and the analysis of this article shows how the government-backed decisions regarding the fight against AIDS influence the country and the society.

Kaufman (2012) states that the struggle against AIDS in China is supported by the government of the country; the latter is not democratic, so it advances its policies without social discussion and does not need to wait for all of the political actors and population to accept them. In other words, since the government has decided to work with the international organizations to fight AIDS, it easily promotes this policy and establishes the international cooperation in the country. Local NGOs organizations have no choice but to agree with such a set of actions and seek help from the international players. At the same time, there is another serious problem connected with Chinese government being involved in efforts to curb AIDS. Although it appears interested in international cooperation, the interest exists only to a certain extent as Chinese authorities are not ready to develop and establish the policies the international organizations promote, and as Chinese government determines the policies for the national health, it is similarly unprepared for and therefore blocks some innovations in the industry (Wen-yuan & Zun-you, 2007). The lack of social debate and discussion among the stakeholders in China does not simplify the process, but makes it less active and influential for the general Chinese public. However, the fact that Chinese government supports the fight against the disease and is willing to open for some international help is already a big step forward as it enables the country to acknowledge the problem and seek solutions.

China’s government model is not the most effective in adopting global norms to the local situation as all the decisions are made by the ruling top with little understanding or support from the Chinese people. Therefore, the unwelcome changes take a long time to establish and become acceptable in such a society. Although the government attempts to work with various NGOs, this is not a healthy and productive relationship since the government dictates its policies not paying attention to the NGOs’ interests. In other words, the government claims the highest authority without being a real expert in the sphere.

However, the situation may still improve significantly due to the Internet, which has a big role in the growth and development of the society. It can help in educating people and uniting scientists who together could offer some solution, which can be a good example for local NGOs. Although the Internet has also some disadvantages, such as governmental surveillance, it is still seen as a generally positive force to help the society express itself.

In conclusion, one can see that although China has started a difficult process with high enthusiasm shown by authorities, there are important factors that are missing in the country’s quest for the solution to the problem, such as common understanding and technological advances. Therefore, although the government supports some of the changes, it still needs to provide other actors with more influence to make a real change in China’s fight against AIDS.

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