5 Ways to Make Money From Your Writing Skills

December 24th, 2015
Ways to Make Money From Your Writing Skills

5 ways to make money from writing skills

Making money is what everybody aspires for, but the process of the money making has been varying due to different skills and professionalism one possesses. Making money through writing has been the new technique of earning. The process of writing now has a different dimension of making money. Freelance writing has given people that are passionate about writing to make money while doing something that they love. However, making money through writing is not always easy as many people perceive it. Thus, one should utilize his or her skills appropriately to make good money. The following are five ways you can make money writing.

  • Writing Content for Small and Large Businesses

Today, there are many business corporations and small companies that are aiming and focusing on the advancement of content for their respective websites. It is at this point that making money through writing is applicable, and one can end up making large sums of money. Content writing or blog writing has been averaging at 20-30 cents per every word written. Thus, if a writer aims at writing more than 500 words per article, one can end up receiving, at least, $150 a day. There exist numerous job sites that are looking for content writers. Having the right skills of writing, one is in a position of making money while writing content for these businesses.

  • Writing Novels, Non-Fictions, and Screenplays

Writing novels and screenplays has been one of the best means of making money writing. Although it is perceived as a high-risk task, it has had high rewards due to its demand in the society. As a skilled writer, one should not wonder and strive hard to get a living. Thus, writing of the non-fictions stories that may, in turn, be used a screenplay is the best way of making money. As a novel writer, one is guaranteed to get approximately 20% of the total sales of the book. In this context, it is for those who can be in a position of getting top publishers. However, if you lack one, you can be a self-publisher and be able to pocket approximately 65% of the sales you make. The intensity in which such skilled writers have been making money has left other people finding how to become a writer and at the same time acquire the necessary skills.

  • Writing Trade Publications and Magazines

The trade publications that may appear in journals that are written for particular audiences have been now the target by the skilled writers. Through the publications and the magazines the writers have been able to identify a source of their income through the application of their skills in providing the needed content that suits the targeted individuals or market. It is critical to note that majority of the newspapers and magazines have been outsourcing the content contained in them. However, some rates may be low at $0.20 per the world but in most cases, the rate can be high up to $1.5 per the world a figure that improves the status of a writer. In the trade publications, the exercise requires a lot of knowledge and. Therefore, only the skilled writers can be able to execute the practice as well as making large sums of money.

  • Advertorial Writing

You do not have to struggle anymore in search of money when you are a skilled and distinguished writer. Writing of the advertisement articles has been the new source of money for the experienced writers. The advertisement notices have been widely inserted in the features that are regularly shown in the magazines. Being one of the best source of money for the writers, one can pocket up to $600 per page a sum that suits one’s experience and skills. However, the writer should have a convincing language that makes the articles appear convincing the public due to some exaggerated content.

  • Ghostwriting

It is common that most of the people do not have the skills of writing nor do they have the potential, but they do have the resources. As a skilled writer, it is an opportunity that one should seek to exploit them through writing what they need. As per the name ghostwriting, it is a situation where as a writer, one writes a book or an article, but somebody else will be the subject of all the praise as well as the credit. However, the writer gets paid for the work or writing done. It is a practice that many writers who do not seek fame ends up doing n search of money.

Although everybody goes through some forms of writing while in school, there are those who have pursued the practice with an aim of making money for the living. It is a situation that has resulted in the creation of various avenues of making money through writing.