Reasons to Write a Tale

20 Reasons to Write a Tale

Reasons to Write a Tale

This short story is about stories! Some people consider reading and writing tales boring and unnecessary task. However, even if you are an adult, writing tales may become your favorite activity as it has a number of advantages. I may name hundreds of them, and you definitely will find the reasons that will attract your attention to this overwhelming activity. However, let’s start with the 20 most important reasons why writing tales is not a waste of the time.

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Top 20 Reasons why Writing the Tales May be Beneficial!

  1. When you compose the story, you develop your imagination. This feature of our brain is very useful; in many situations. You can become outstanding employee when your boss will notice that your mind can develop interesting ideas. Imagination is worthless in current environment, where people seem to lack new ideas.
  2. Writing stories develops creativity. When you think of the proper words, of the interesting theme and originality, you boost your creativity!
  3. You practice grammar and language knowledge!
  4. You have a chance to become a child for a while, forget about your problems and dive into the world of the fairy tales and magic!
  5. You can become a writer! Joanne Rolling also wrote Harry Potter for her kids, but the story was so interesting for the reader, that she has become a famous writer!
  6. You can earn money! If you write the original, creative and interesting texts, you can sell them for a good money and make additional earnings to your monthly budget.
  7. You can develop your own story for your kids. Surely, you want that your children have their own fairy tale that was written specially for them as a gift from their parent.
  8. Interesting stories may be presented as a gift to the children of your friends and relatives. In fact, it is a very unique and warm gift that will last in their memory forever.
  9. You read more in search of hints and ideas!
  10. Writing stories is a way of relaxation!
  11. Written tales will leave a memory of you. It is a family heritage!
  12. Your readers may become the closest friends. So you have a chance to make new friends and meet interesting personalities.
  13. Writing tales will improve your relations with kids, as you will understand them better by entering their world.
  14. Writing will help you to get the relevant evaluation of your talent. It may well happen, that you become a writer and writing tales is just a first step towards your career.
  15. Evaluation of people’s responses to your writings will help you to learn tastes and likes.
  16. Writing could be a way of personal development.
  17. Writing is a chance to learn yourself. Analyze your stories from the psychological point of view, and you will open the new horizons in your character and personality.
  18. Writing takes time, but it is also a way to spend the time. Spending your time by composing a story is definitely more interesting and useful that watching TV or playing computer games.
  19. Writing is not an easy task. It requires strong organization. So, if you lack organization skills, you may start with writing. Just make yourself write 2 pages a day, and you will be more organized person within a week.
  20. Writing tales is just fun! So, why don’t you want to let a piece of fun into your boring life!

So, as you may notice, even if you do not know how to write book, and you do not have chances to become a prominent writer, you still have a number of reasons to practice writing tales and stories!