145 Interesting PowerPoint Presentation Topics

January 31st, 2019
PPT Presentation topic

We have gathered the most interesting and fascinating topics for PowerPoint presentations in one single list. There is a long list of tasks when a student will be in need of a presentation, like a conference, a discussion, a seminar, or a workshop. These topics may be used by others, including professionals or teachers. Of course, this is not a final list of topics, therefore if you have a great topic on your mind, please feel free to put it on the list.

Besides, we have included some tips that will help anyone craft a perfect presentation.

A List of Interesting Presentation Topics

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Most Fascinating Topics:

  1. Academic dishonesty and its consequences
  2. Are soccer players overpaid?
  3. Balance between personal and professional life
  4. Ban on using cell phones in schools
  5. Becoming friends with mother-in-law
  6. Bermuda Triangle
  7. British games and their impact on the Indian culture
  8. Can an arranged marriage ruin the life?
  9. Can smoking lead to drug abuse?
  10. Crime prevention: myth or reality?
  11. Degradation of the Internet
  12. Did we come from another planet?
  13. Do mermaids exist?
  14. Do Unidentified Flying Objects exist?
  15. Do vampires exist?
  16. Does history move in a spiral?
  17. Does Zone-51 exist?
  18. Existence of God and living proofs
  19. Fighting corruption in a developed country
  20. Ghosts: supernatural or science fiction?
  1. Growing earth population and a global food shortage
  2. How to balance between mother and wife
  3. How to be satisfied with life?
  4. Indian Hospitality
  5. Is China a threat to the US economy?
  6. Is death penalty humane?
  7. Is gun control needed or not?
  8. Is murder justified if it was committed to defending oneself?
  9. Is there a need to reform the Indian healthcare sector?
  10. Is there a place for ethics in business?
  11. It is better to die standing than live kneeling
  12. Legalization of all drugs
  13. Media censorship
  14. Pros and cons of living in a gay family
  15. Pros and cons of a death penalty
  16. Protecting the leftovers of the Amazon rainforest
  17. Recycling in road construction
  18. Reincarnation in various cultures
  19. Should lethal weapons be banned in the US?
  20. Should physical education be an obligatory class?
  1. Should there be academic freedom?
  2. The decrease in the orca population
  3. The impact of social networks on the development of children
  4. The power of artificial intelligence
  5. The truth behind global warming and its consequences
  6. The world without armies
  7. Top 10 alternate fuels
  8. Top 10 miracles of the 21st century
  9. Vegans and their ideology
  10. What animal is as intelligent as a human being?
  11. What is located on the dark side of the Moon?
  12. When a politician should retire?
  13. When it is proper to start Sex Education?
  14. From what does our fear grow?
  15. Which are more important: one’s rights or duties?
  16. Which sex is better at sports?
  17. Who is more intelligent: a girl or a boy?
  18. Who constructed the Egyptian Pyramids?
  19. Who will be the next superpower?
  20. Why is serving in military important?

Creative presentation topics

Being a student means completing numerous tasks and assignments. PowerPoint presentation is not an exception. A well-chosen topic will help you attract the attention of the audience at once. Here is a list you can use in choosing a topic for yourself. Besides, you can use it as a guide. This list is also divided into categories to make it easier to find the most suitable topic.


  1. China as a software giant
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Digital signatures
  4. Energy efficiency in cellphones
  5. Online learning
  6. Recycling old electronics
  7. Terrorism and the Internet
  8. The extinction of printed media
  9. The impact of e-waste on human’s health
  10. Wi-Fi and its drawbacks
  11. Environment:
  12. Fossil fuels versus green energy
  13. Global warming
  14. Green energy
  15. Harvesting rainwater
  16. Ozone holes
  17. Rainforest extinction
  18. Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce
  19. Recycling and its importance
  20. Soil pollution


  1. Corporate communication
  2. Direct taxation
  3. Headhunting
  4. Setting goals
  5. Simplifying daily schedule
  6. Time management techniques
  7. What is business ethics?
  8. Work-life balance


  1. Are UFO’s real?
  2. Calculating earth’s life
  3. Google at work
  4. Is the Bermuda triangle a mystery?
  5. Risks in cosmetic surgery
  6. Yoga steps to control your life


  1. Benefits of sports
  2. Dairy benefits in a sports active person
  3. Drugs and sports
  4. Evaluating nutritional supplements
  5. Managing weight
  6. Meal planning for an athlete
  7. Nutrition coaching
  8. Preventing head injury
  9. Raising your metabolism
  10. Agriculture:
  11. Computer technologies in agriculture
  12. Cultivating new species
  13. Drainage in agriculture
  14. Food engineering
  15. Food processing and preservation
  16. Impact of climate change on agriculture in sub-Sahara
  17. Sustainable agriculture


  1. Benefits of donating blood
  2. Consequences of online dating
  3. Gay marriages
  4. GMO and its impact on health
  5. How are social networks useful?
  6. Legalization of drugs in all US states
  7. Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll effects
  8. Technology destroys relationships
  9. Architecture:
  10. Ancient architecture
  11. Arab architecture
  12. Architectural theory
  13. Digital architecture
  14. Ecological impact of construction
  15. Environmental friendly buildings

Criminal Justice:

  1. Abuse of children
  2. Cybercrimes
  3. Cybersecurity
  4. Gangs in the US
  5. Hate crimes
  6. Juvenile justice system
  7. Organized crime
  8. Theft of identity
  9. Types of crime prevention

Medical Topics:

  1. Presentation on Embryology
  2. Presentation on Anatomy
  3. Pharmacology Presentation
  4. Circulatory system
  5. Microbes and the human body
  6. Human brain and its functions
  7. Deadly Pathogens
  8. Nervous system
  9. Computer technologies in the healthcare industry
  10. Historical accounts of plague and its treatment

Healthcare Presentation Topics

This section is meant to assist anyone related to the healthcare industry. It contains a list of presentation topics for medical students. The field has a variety of branches and therefore it is next to impossible to include all of them. Nevertheless, here are some topics that may be used in the academic process.

Slide Sharing Websites

It goes without saying that another source to look for presentation ideas exists. You may use a reliable slide sharing site. One of the best sites is SlideShare.net. They know what you need and will surely give you some great ideas or samples.

PowerPoint Presentation Tips

Here are some vital tips to bear in mind when preparing a presentation. It is recommended to make notes in the process of reading, thus you will remember the information faster.

Preparing a persuasive presentation

Probably at least one you had to prepare a boring essay. Preparing an uninteresting presentation is similar to that. The reader is forced to go through it and cannot stay focused. The information is poorly arranged, and the writer covers only general issues. Such an essay, as well as presentation, is doomed for failure. But if you make an entertaining and easy to grasp one, the reader will definitely enjoy it. It means he will remember it and even cite some data from it in the future.

The structure of the presentation does not differ from that of an essay. The core elements are the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.


Always start your presentation with something catchy. You need to provide just a short outline of the information that you plan to reveal in the presentation. It should give your reader an understanding of what you plan to discuss in the body. If you think that they will not grasp it at once, then you need to spend more time and change the introduction.


The body should be as attention-grabbing as the introduction. The audience should get interested in the data. If they wait for the next slide to come, then you have prepared a fabulous presentation. Do not forget to support your words with relevant quotes. There is also place for humor in your presentation but do not overuse it.

Besides, you need to invite your audience to direct participation in the presentation. Even the most curious brain needs a break. Make these breaks for your audience. Ask some questions regarding a specific matter or slide. Ask their opinion. You may use both of these options as breaks for the audience and as a way to gather most honest feedback. People are not inclined to lie in the process, while they may be ready to give false feedback after the presentation is over.

All the data should be presented in an easy to remember way. Bullet points are the best way to present your information in brief. Do not use long sentences. Be as laconic as possible. All extra information should be presented in the speaker’s notes.


In the conclusion, you need to sum up all the key points that were presented in the main body. You need to stress the importance of topic and reinforce your thesis.

Do not forget that the audience will still have a number of questions unanswered. Leave some time for a question and answer part. Do not forget to include a thank you section, where you show your gratitude to the audience for being present and attentive.

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